1SEO.com Team Members Continue to Become Google Analytics Certified

(PRWEB) September 23, 2013

1SEO.com is proud to announce that its team members are becoming Google Analytics certified so that they can provide the most efficient services to their clients. Understanding Google Analytics is crucial to know just how effectively a website is performing. By knowing how all of the tools and features work, this will allow the search professionals at 1SEO.com to know every aspect of the data being pulled.

In order for the search professionals at 1SEO.com to become certified, they must score 80% or greater on the 70 question test. As the company grows, it is vital to make sure that they are all expanding their knowledge and know how to use the reporting tracking tool.

Many businesses who have a website may have heard of Google Analytics, but they may not fully comprehend its capabilities, or have the time to look into everything that is being collected and use it to their advantage. When a business is a client of 1SEO.com, they will be at ease knowing the 1SEO.com team is Google Analytics certified and will be able to recommend the necessary changes that could increase the effectiveness of a website.

The search engine optimization company knows the role that analytics plays in this industry, which is why they are encouraging the entire team to become certified. The 1SEO.com team is full of dedicated and passionate individuals who have a love for the search industry. So, whatever tools out there can help them increase their knowledge they will strive to get their hands on. With in house training sessions and conferences throughout the year, knowing how to use the essential tools is a key to their success.

About 1SEO.com:

1SEO.com is located in Bucks County, PA, in an all new state-of-the-art office right off Route 13. Those interested in hearing more about their services can either give the company a call, or 1SEO.com invites any people interested to visit their office in order to speak with a representative of the company. For more information about the company and the services they offer please visit http://www.1seo.com.

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