2-day In-person Seminar: Running Your IT Department Like a Business

2-day In-person Seminar: Running Your IT Department Like a Business
Event on 2014-01-23 01:00:00

Moving from a Traditional IT department to a Service-oriented IT department requires a paradigm shift. It means evolving beyond an outdated management style to embrace a new and innovative approach. Technology has advanced remarkably in the past few years; it is time that IT management to rethink its role within the business. This involves creating financial transparency and aligning IT spend and budgets to business goals and outcomes. Why should you attend : 

Information Technology costs are often seen as a huge black hole that has no bottom. The CEO and CFO are always wondering how all the money is being spent and exactly how IT is serving the business. The CIO finds it difficult to explain his or her decisions because of a lack of hard financial numbers and resorts to using vague generalities or, even worse, highly technical terms to defend his actions. If you can identify with this scenario, then you might be managing an IT department using the outdated and obsolete Traditional IT Management process.

In this seminar – Running Your IT Department Like a Business – we will focus on transforming a Traditional IT department by learning how financial transparency coupled with a Service-Oriented Management approach builds trust with the CEO and CFO and enables IT to contribute to the bottom line results of the business. 

Areas Covered in the Session: 

  • The pitfalls of Traditional IT management approach
  • The advantages of a Service-centric management approach
  • How financial transparency supports a Service-centric approach
  • Discussion of elements of financial transparency for IT departments
  • Creation of transform plan from Traditional to Service-centric

 Who Will Benefit: 

  • CIOs in Small to Midsize Enterprises
  • VP IT in Small to Midsize Enterprises
  • IT Directors in Small to Midsize Enterprises

Speaker Profile:

John Ripma 
Founder, Technical Ink 

John Ripma is an independent consultant and the founder of Technical Ink, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in content marketing for technology-based companies. With Technical Ink, John helps companies produce high quality written materials for a wide variety of purposes (whitepapers, webinars, blog posts, brochures, technical manuals, training/educational documents, and other purposes). 

John started in the field of Information Technology in 1981 when he co-founded Applied Personnel Technology, one of the first PC-based software development and consulting firms in the country. Since then, John has been closely involved with technology in a number of roles such as project manager, business development manager, senior consultant, vice president, and CEO.

Over the years, John's focus has been on helping organizations analyze, select, install and maintain complex enterprise class systems. He has worked on many large and mission critical projects that involved PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, or SAP. He also was an instructor at the SAP Academy. Additionally, with the resurgence in infrastructure outsourcing and cloud computing, John has been working closely with a number of international firms to help them migrate their enterprise systems into hosted environments.

The world of technology continues to grow at a dizzying pace and, to help his clients keep pace, John keeps up-to-date on the latest developments such as in-memory computing, Big Data, mobility, data security, software defined data centers, infrastructure architecture, technology enabled business processes, and system integration..


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