2 Fast and EASY Matchbox Puzzles!

Here are two challenges using one simple box of matches. Get ready for a matchbox MIRACLE! Check out the original Falling Cork episode right here: http://www…

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15 Responses to 2 Fast and EASY Matchbox Puzzles!

  1. ccubeice a says:


  2. ccubeice a says:

    Also he only gives two matchboxes to them and puts the third next to his beer. You must be right!

  3. dumchican says:


  4. Justin Gibbons says:

    called it

  5. lambosandferraris says:

    then stop judging people you’ve never met.

  6. poopooondafloo says:

    or maybe both

  7. imjustsickandtired says:

    are they models??

  8. XxMazdaSpeed3xX says:

    Of course he is…Brian is awesome! Look at the word reverse/grammar error and you’ll understand why I said that.

  9. Wes Tolson says:

    if you took one of the 6 triangles and broke the 3 matches in half and made two smaller triangles you would have 7 equilateral triangles. You didn’t say they all had to be the same size.

  10. dumchican says:

    okay fine “goodbye, don’t come back”

  11. lambosandferraris says:

    first, that was one of them. second, that doesn’t mean she’s stupid it just means she doesn’t know what it means. That’s like me pulling out a dictionary and expecting you to know all the words. and third, she was listing the things he had her doing. it had nothing to do with lack of knowledge.

  12. bananapoopsalot says:

    In the episode before this, you said you would change your hairstyle at the end!!! You never did!!! When will you!?!?!?!

  13. DmanAJQK10 says:

    Figuring both out made me feel a little smart

  14. dumchican says:

    7:50 i quote “kinetic energy equalateral!” as in she had no idea what those 2 words meant.

  15. Sean Prendergast says:

    if you fucking “knew it” why didn’t you do it????? 10:59

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