20-Point Branding & Strategic Marketing Self-Assessment

20-Point Branding & Strategic Marketing Self-Assessment
Ever wondered how brand savvy your organization is? Whether your marketing was as strong and sophisticated as it should be? Here's your chance to find out. Take this quiz — 20 simple yes/no questions — and keep track of your answers. There's a …
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Analyst Watch: Align developers and marketing metrics for delivery
Marketing uses a host of customer-centric measures to shape how it creates digital customer experiences and translates them into value for the business; counting page views, session times and completed sales are just the beginning. Analytics …
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A By-the-Numbers Look at Hollywood's Marketing Machine
On the eve of this year's Academy Awards, Adweek has put together this by-the-numbers look at Hollywood's marketing machine. How much do each of the big studios spend every year on marketing their films? Which media get the biggest share, and with …
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