2004-Supernature-Night Beach

2004-Supernature-Night Beach

Image by djbrokenwindow
This is the Night Beach, aka the idea that in a post-nanotech age, where man-made biology has gotten free into the biosphere and intermingled with the natural organisms, that there could be a ‘quiet’ time, such as at night. ‘Quiet’ meaning that many artifical organisms and nanotech-substances which might be normally activated (by design) through the reception of a spectrum of light or radio waves, could fall dormant when the sun sets, thus leaving the original pre-nanotech biology to go about its’ nocturnal business.
The song "Night Beach" on Community Library 12" from 2006 was written within the body of Supernature tracks, and thus this part of the Supernature album cover is connected to that non-album track.

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  1. the two and seven says:

    I never realized how beautiful a nano-moonrise could be, it ‘s a nice painting

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