2010 Robots Review

2010 has been quite a year for our gear-driven robot friends. They’ve cycled hundreds of kilometers, they’ve walked for hours without a break and one almost got into space. Here’s our review of the year’s robot news.

21 thoughts on “2010 Robots Review

  1. in some ways, an ai discovering it has intel inside would be a bit like us discovering some of our dna was long ago modded by really embarrassing shitty aliens. some would accept it, others would have difficulties accepting it. the important part is not to blame the chip itself..

  2. intel hardware beacue I know the money goes to good use. Like Ford said: there’s little room for charity in this world, that is: charity in the way of giving…If a company is throwing huge chunks of money at something, they more then often got a deeper plan than “oh robots are cool”

  3. on the contrary, say Intel puts some money into a company to help them develop a robot, now all of the sudden there’s a robot on the market that requiers Intel hardware, give it a decade and that robot may be on the market selling (maybe not to an everyday joe but to big companies) and Intel get a share of this becuase the robot contains their hardware, its a future investment. Also: its advertisment, if I see Intel giving money to this kind of development its gonna give me more reason to buy

  4. Easier said than done, especially with something like this. Even if these robots are successful, there would barely even be a market for these considering their price tags and the “need” for them. From a business prospective, it’s not an intelligent area to be putting money into at the current moment.

  5. What my question is, is how are these people affording to do this research in this recession? I am surprised that companies are funding this type of research in this economically unstable times.

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