2012-08-23 Android Developer Lab+

Episode #1 – Tony Chan, Anirudh Dewani, Ankur Kotwal News: ADT v21 preview 2, scrolling tricks code, pin/progress indicators code Presentation: AndroidManifest.xml protips ADL+ is hosted by the APAC Android Developer Relations team.
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7 thoughts on “2012-08-23 Android Developer Lab+

  1. @adirm18 they are speaking about applications that DO NOT need those permission to work properly, but use these for something that is not necessary. I’m coding an app that send and receive SMS from a surveillance sistem, so SMS send/receive is required for me because i want to hide those sms. In a case like this you have to use the permission, but at least explain why you need it in the description on google play.

  2. 23:26 WHAT?! i should not dial directly from my app?! what if the app i m making is a dialer app? or an auto clicker(presses the right keys durring a call to avoid having to listen to: “for english press…”

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