2012 Digital Day Conference

2012 Digital Day Conference

Image by pamlau.com
Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and CEO, SocialTract

Digital Day Conference 2012: Be Helpful to be Influential

We live in a world where every business is asking us to follow their tweets, check out their blog or watch their online videos, you must resist the temptation to communicate only about your company, endlessly focusing on a quick sale. The objective today is to have your prospective customer allow you inside their trusted circle to become a valuable resource—not just a purveyor.

This is called, simply, brands being useful: more personalized, contextual, relevant and useful. The first questions is always “What’s in it for my customer.”

The panel distilled the underlying truth behind some of today’s hottest industry concepts—from content marketing to brand utility—and outlined how by helping your audience learn, plan and enjoy their interests, you will always be “part of the conversation,” “influential” and a part of your customers’ lives.

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