The Evolution of Online PR

Greg Jarboe of discusses the origins of the press release and walks you through the 5 step process of optimizing your press releases for the internet.

Spectral Wednesdays with djs Tytti & Megatron, Art Performance: Star Odyssey (1979)

Spectral Wednesdays with djs Tytti & Megatron, Art Performance: Star Odyssey (1979)
Event on 2013-01-09 19:00:00

Spectral Wednesdays

The Spectral Wednesday continues to bring electronic light into the dark during the january. Futurological music, modern funk, electonic eighties, scandinavian new geniouses etc will be brought even more to life with some spectacular visuals. This wednesday we enjoy an evening with a movie, that has inspired the Sirens for their film remix production. Telluksen Seireenit are happy to introduce an cult movie – Star Odyssey (1979).

Third in a series of Italian science fiction films clearly inspired by Star Wars. In a trilogy of low-budget Italian science fiction movies produced in the wake of Star Wars by Italian director Alfonso Brescia (under the pseudonym Al Bradley), the film takes place on Earth (now renamed "Sol 3") in the year 2312. The planet is sold to an evil despot named Kress, who soon starts to gather humanoid slaves to sell to his evil counterparts. Defending "Sol 3" against the new owner, Professor Maury and his ragtag band of humans and slightly comical robot friends seeks their adventurous journey through space. Three other films in the series are War of the Planets (1977),War of the Robots (1978) and Beast in Space (1980). The series is most famous for its gold skinned blond androids and the use of reflective "light sabers". The whole film will be seen during the evening.  

at mbar
Mannerheimintie 22-24
Helsinki, Finland

The Ultimate Design Toolset: What’s New with Adobe Creative Suite

The Ultimate Design Toolset: What’s New with Adobe Creative Suite
Event on 2013-01-17 00:00:00
The Science Center, Room B11 (One Oxford Street, Cambridge)
Thu., Jan. 17, 2013, 12 – 1 p.m.

Not only do the new versions of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Photoshop and Illustrator deliver amazing workflow and performance enhancements that help you work lightning fast, but they also include new features that deliver professional results in even the most challenging image and graphics projects. Use these cutting-edge tools, along with Adobe InDesign CS6, to create rich, fluid layouts, and then efficiently repurpose them as print documents, eBooks, HTML5 web pages, and iPad or Android tablet apps. Open to Harvard students, faculty and staff. Pizza provided. Register at

Gazette Classification: Information Technology
Organization/Sponsor: Technology Products and Services
Cost: Free

at Harvard University
1350 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, United States

AOR Technology Integrates Secure, Single Password Sign-On into its Human Resources and Benefit Portals

Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

AOR Technology, a leading designer of custom Human Resources and benefits portals, today announces that it has partnered with LastPass to provide employees with a secure, single password sign-on to access all of their Human Resources, benefits, and payroll information. Employee LastPass, a password management tool, will be integrated into all AOR Technology portals completely free-of-charge, giving users a unique sign-in that allows them to access multiple sites from their Human Resources or benefits portal using any computer or mobile device. Employee LastPass removes the need to track or remember multiple passwords and provides a high level of security to protect confidential and sensitive employee information.

Most know how frustrating it is when you’ve forgotten or fumbled around for your password or username, and the valuable time wasted in recovering itoften requiring a support call and a password reset, says Jeff Hill, CEO, AOR Technology. To get around this, many use the same username and password to access all their sites, which puts all your personal information at risk. Employee LastPass removes a major barrier to employee benefits sites, promoting easy and regular access. Simplifying the sign-in process is particularly useful to the growing number of people accessing their information from mobile phones. Thanks to our development partners at LastPass, we’re able to make this available to customers completely free-of-charge, making our benefits portals and websites even more user-friendlyincreasing their utilization and value to employers, providers, and benefits brokers.

Our goal is to ensure that personal data is safely locked away until an individual needs it, says Joe Siegrist, CEO, LastPass. Embedding Employee LastPass within AOR Technology portals provides employees with quick, seamless access to benefit resources without the hassle of remembering or locating passwords. It also offers them peace of mind when it comes to protecting personal information that may be housed on multiple web sites.

Employee LastPass will be offered as a free add-on for all portals built and maintained by AOR Technology.

About AOR Technology

AOR Technology, Inc. custom designs Human Resources and benefits portals that simplify management, lower barriers to access, and promote effective communications. AOR Technology works with brokers and their employer groups to centralize benefits, payroll, and wellness resources on a single platform, which is accessible via a single sign-on feature, making critical information instantly available from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device with Internet connectivity. For more information, visit

About LastPass

The LastPass team believes your online experience can be easier, faster and safer. Collectively we lose more than 10,300 hours per year retrieving lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call center representatives about them. And it gets much worse if a password is stolen and misused. We go online to connect with people, explore, shop and learn. We certainly don’t go online to fuss with passwords or risk our privacy, personal or financial information. Designed by web enthusiasts and skilled application developers, LastPass was created to make the online experience easier and safer for everyone. For more information, visit,

# # #

For editorial information, contact:

Jeff Hill

AOR Technology


Video Parodies Released by Google Analytics Enlighten Students & Clients of Best SEO Practices Employed by Melbourne SEO Services

Melbourne, Victoria (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

On 13 December, Google Analytics released on their blog three web clips making light of the frustrations online shoppers experience with bad search engine optimization and website practices. Melbourne SEO Services, one of Australias leading SEO companies, says these spoof videos further emphasize the importance of the best SEO practices they teach and implement. These official Google Analytics videos add weight to our educational courses and standard procedures says David Jenyns, online marketing expert and owner of Melbourne SEO Services, By watching the frustration caused by bad tactics, the videos have released a big ah-ha moment for many students and clients of SEO.

To many business owners, their understanding of the inner workings of how websites are found by their visitors is convoluted at best. Its this haziness that blocks their comprehension of why using best SEO practices on their website is of the utmost importance to their longevity and success.

Helping explain the importance of using the right methods, Google Analytics recently released a trio of satirical videos showing just how irritating bad SEO and website practices are to visitors. Whats more, two out of the three videos show customers actually leaving without purchasing.

David says, Google is the worlds search engine goliath, and their videos show the real-world impact of what can happen if a site doesnt implement best SEO practices. Its really underlined that the methods applied by Melbourne SEO Services are amongst those favorably viewed by Google.

David continues by saying these videos help put into laymans terms the critical nature of utilizing proper SEO methods, By touching on site searches, landing page optimisation, and online check-out in these videos, Google recognizes the importance of using the right SEO methods, which are the same ones weve been teaching and implementing for years.

The site search video emphasizes the significance of getting website keywords right. David further remarks that this is amongst the first lessons he teaches all his students and clients. He says Even though it seems easy enough, what most people get wrong is not using the correct keyword for their product or service. Googles video clearly shows the disconnect between the phrase the customer is using, and the keyword the provider attached to their product.

David goes on to say The landing page optimisation video displays exactly the frustrations visitors have on bad websites. An integral part of what we teach at Melbourne SEO Services is that the landing page must give the user exactly what theyre after. Googles spoof video on this follows a customer who is increasingly agitated by unnecessary sales and advertising of products he doesnt want, to then be redirected to a 404 Not Found page before he finally leaves.

Even though the last video focuses on online check-out, David continues, its really about not putting too many hurdles and catches in the way for customers to make their decision to purchase or use your services. The best SEO practices will always make it easy for customers to find what theyre looking for, and to purchase it without hassle. This is a fundamental rule at Melbourne SEO Services.

David says hes looking forward to Google releasing more videos of this nature because they reinforce his company’s standard processes as being the methods search engines support, Even though theyre satirical, these videos have really hit home for our students and clients. They show that search engines like Google view SEO methods, like the ones we utilize, as seriously important.

Click here to watch the Google Analytics parody videos, or to learn more about the best SEO practices from Melbourne SEO Services, visit:

About Melbourne SEO is a full service search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy, based in Australia, but with a worldwide client base.

Known for being at the cutting edge of strategic SEO practices, the company delivers a growing suite of services including: on-page and off-page search engine optimization, article distribution, Google Places listing, SEO press release service, web video production and one-on-one consulting.

Melbourne SEO Services Director, David Jenyns, has, over several years, built a team of experts who are niche experts to support the business, and who share his ethos for ethical, professional internet marketing.

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