2013 AgChat Foundation Upper Midwest Regional Training Conference

2013 AgChat Foundation Upper Midwest Regional Training Conference
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Thanks to a partnership with the Minnesota Corn Growers, Minnesota Farm Bureau, the Agchat Foundation is excited to announce that the first regional Agchat conference will be held Saturday, February 23rd at the DoubleTree Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota! Below you will find the following information: 

  • General conference information
  • Hotel Information
  • Sponsors
  • Session descriptions

We invite you to come warm in from the cold and join us for ACF's Upper Midwest Regional Conference, the first in a series of regional conferences offered by AgChat Foundation. Our regional conferences are designed to provide opportunities to those who are unable to attend the national conference due to location or timing. Different from the national conference, the regional conference is held in one day and offers many breakout sessions. The variety of sessions allows you to pick what areas of social media you are most interested in and focus on those topics. This is in addition to our opening and closing sessions everyone will benefit from attending. A banquet style meal & evening of networking will also be offered on Fri., Feb. 22nd.

We are certain that a full day of learning about how YOU can use the internet to change opinions, educate and connect with people from all walks of life will light a spark for agvocacy inside of you that will defrost even the most frozen among us. And the friendships and connections you will make learning with your fellow agvocates? That's like the marshmallows on the hot cocoa, the best part! 

Why should you attend? 

  • Our regional conference is the on-ramp for people who really want to be part of the agvocacy action online but don't know where to start.
  • The regional conference will also ignite a fire under those who have a foothold in one or two areas of social media but want to explore other venues of conversation and improve the skills they already have. 
  • The offering of a large variety of topics (descriptions below).
  • Provides folks who aren't able to get away from the farm for the full time of ACFC 2.0 an opportunity to still come and learn. 
  • The regional conference is open to people from anywhere, however with the location it is going to draw folks in driving distance of Rochester. This means you will be learning with your neighbors and friends, in fact you should probably forward this link to them right now! 

So it's time to get fired up about agvocacy and make your plans to attend the very first AgChat Foundation regional conference! Leave the long underwear at home because it's sure to be a hot time in Rochester! 
Registration for farmers and ranchers begins Nov. 6th. Open registration begins Dec. 1st.                               

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Reservation Information:  Please be sure to reserve your room before Feb. 1st, by clicking here.

A huge thank you to our sponsors! 

Session Descriptions

Key Note:

Katie Pinke, mommy blogger and marketing and information director of the ND Department of Agriculture, will share with you her journey in social media. Social media has opened doors for her that she never thought was possible.  There will be days that you will want to throw your hands in the air, but she will encourage you to stick with it. 

@Katpinke www.thepinkepost.com



Fantastic Farm Fan Pages:  Alec Windmill, Titan Machinery Outlet, and Emily Zweber, Zweber Farms, will be show you the latest tricks and tips to having an engaged community on your Facebook Fan page. You will go beyond the “like”.  Presenters: Alec Windmill (@al_winmill) & Emily Zweber (@ezweber)


That Twitter Thing: Have you always wondered what Twitter was about? What is a hashtag? What is the point? This session will be lead by farmers who use the platform each day from the tractor seat. It will be hands on and interactive. Who knows you might send your first “tweet”. Please bring a laptop, tablet or mobile device to participate. Presented by Emily Mohn (@mnfarmmomma), Brent Mohn (@UrbanMNFarmer) & Brian & Heidi Lantsky (@heibri)


Message to Story: Commodity groups have worked hard to supply us with messages promoting agriculture, but how do you turn them into a personal story? Everyone has a story. This session will focus on intertwining messaging with your story to make real connections.  Presented by CommonGround 


Photos That Tell A Story: A picture is worth a thousand words. Using photos to tell your farm story can be very powerful. Jenny Dewey will help you make the most of your photos of your farm, no matter if you camera is in your phone or you use a DSLR.  Jenny Dewey (@jenlynndewey)


Blogging Your Story: Blogging is about telling a story, your story. How do we take the everyday things we do in agriculture and tell a compelling story that engages? Jenny Schweigert will give you a formula to make your story a success. Jenny Schweigert (@AMagicMama)


Beyond the Choir: Successful Agvocates connect with those outside of agriculture. But how do you do that? Carrie Mess and Tim Zweber will give you lots of tips to make your voice reach to our customers. Carrie Mess (@dairycarrie) and Tim Zweber (@zweberfarms)

Blogging Basics: Have you always wanted to start a blog? Sarah Wilson will walk you through the basics: hosted vs self-host, ideas for posts, and creating a readership. A must-see presentation for the beginner blogger. Sarah Wilson 

Facebook Basics: Facebook is always changing and managing all your new “friends” can sometimes be overwhelming. This session will introduce you to ever changing features and settings of Facebook and show you how to best manage your time and presence online. Presented by Lara Durben (@MNGobbleGirl) and Larry Sailer (@FBLJ)

Blogging Strategy: Once you have a blog, how do you grow your readers? This session will give you tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), connecting with other bloggers and creating a community through your blog. Katie Pinke (@katpinke) shows us how to position yourself as a seasoned blogger.

Vlogging: Video blogging (or vlogging) can be a great way to show what is happening on our farms. This session will focus on what types of videos work and how to maximize your presence on YouTube.  

 Lunch ProgramDo you want to know what our customers really hear when we speak? Over lunch we will hear directly from a registered dietitian, a food blogger, and a chef. How can we use the right words to connect with our audience? Learn how to connect beyond your farm gate. 

at Double Tree by Hilton
Rochester, United States

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