2013 and The Evolution of Crowdfunding

2013 and The Evolution of Crowdfunding
Last Week, Wired.com reported that the entrepreneurs who raised $ 139,070 on Kickstarter to create POP, a multi-device charging station, were returning all the money they raised because Apple is forbidding the inclusion of non-Lightning adapters with …
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Erratic environment may be key to human evolution
At Olduvai Gorge, where excavations helped to confirm Africa was the cradle of humanity, scientists now find the landscape once fluctuated rapidly, likely guiding early human evolution.These findings suggest that key mental developments within the …
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Another evolution: President Obama and Mayor Rahm take a stand
I read in the papers that President Obama says he's thinking about relaxing federal laws against marijuana. Looks like we got another political evolution on the way. A political evolution is when politicians—generally, liberal Democrats—publicly move …
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