2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino – Part 1

2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino - Part 1

‪WeedMaps.com – News Feb 26, 2013‬ Thumbs up of you can’t get enough dabbing in the Southern California sunshine! In part one of our coverage of the 2013 San Bernardino Los Angeles High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, join Gil from WeedMaps.tv as he explores day one of this HIGHly anticipated…
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17 Responses to 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino – Part 1

  1. smoothaIIoy says:

    All i’m looking at was the price for an oz. The cost was $490.00 and that’s a complete RIP OFF! 

  2. hakashaq says:

    Ignorant? They said you get 1/2 free of what ever you donate. That means 42 grams for 490. Comes out to less than $12 a gram for the PR. =]

  3. hakashaq says:

    OC Farmacy is what other places should strive to be…

  4. Jaybo Hamel says:

    High Times and Weedmaps need to bring it to Detroit again. We need more events like this to bring all the people together. Not to many tings all the races have in common but weed is most def one of them. We got Hash Bash though it is not even close.

  5. monkeychnky7 says:

    Fake Cloud pen 3:11

  6. ItalianCasino says:

    Gil is so high

  7. PatrickInPgh says:

    Chillin back in the Cali sun smokin fine dabs and listening to fat beats? Yes please.

  8. Susan Schlachter says:

    Man Oh Man do I wish I lived anywhere near there…I bet that was A Day To Remember!! No Pun intended ADTR “)

  9. xXSativa814Xx says:

    That budtender is a joke.

  10. tiggakayz says:

    Im willing to pay some extra for quality bud…but 250 for half and 490 for an O…the fuck

  11. Enticon says:

    here in norway shits about 33 dollars a gram. so it would be around a hundred bucks for an eight if it’s about 3,5 grams. guess i’m saying i’d pay 70 bucks gladly 😛

  12. marcos chavez says:

    Ok well I’m gonna just ask now where is part 2??????????

  13. bluestdream1 says:

    their pricing is weird they match half of what u donate for for 70 you are getting 3.5 + 1.8 so you get like 5.3 but they always hook it up so you are getting like grams of dank for 70.

  14. iroc ant says:

    70 dollars a fuckin eighth is outrageous them niggas is trippin

  15. loveganja50 says:

    If you ar interested to buy MEDICAL MARIJUANA, contact me : herbal.research@ymail.com. Affordable price. Serious buyes only !

  16. bluestdream1 says:

    Their pricing is weird they match half of whatever u get so that is 1 1/2 oz for 490

  17. CodKeepsRising says:

    130$ for a q is criminal!

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