2013 NHL Conference Finals Tickets Watch Out for Hidden Fees

(PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Hockey fans are often a rowdy bunch and one of the things that sets them off are finding 2013 NHL Conference Finals tickets with hidden service fees that can add up to as much as 10-25% more to the cost of the tickets. Preferred Seating Tickets is one of the only major sports ticket resellers that never add the extra service charges precisely because the fans dont like them.

We prefer to let fans see the ticket prices up front, says Greg Cullen of Preferred Seating. That way they can easily compare prices and not feel they are getting taken with hidden service charges. Not only that, we can only imagine the complaints their customer service departments have to deal with.

It doesnt make a difference if you choose Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for Stanley Cup playoff tickets; the top three choices are often the same major ticket resellers with deep pockets and youll find each one tacks on a service fee that can add hundreds of dollars to the price of their tickets. Tickets for the Western Conference Finals with the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings and the Eastern Conference Finals with the Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston Bruins are in high demand this week and fans often assume every site has the same fees.

At Preferred Seating they try to educate the fans as much as they can about how to avoid the extra costs. Most fans will try the official ticket sellers and the box office first and finding them sold out they go right to the internet in search of the best deal. Often just doing a search for NHL Conference Finals tickets without hidden service charges will bring up better search results for no fee ticket services.

Its not that the biggest ticket resellers like Ticketsnow, Stubhub and VividSeats dont know fans prefer transparent pricing. Theyve done the studies but they sell more tickets with hidden fees. It may be finally getting to them though with Stubhub bowing to the fans and selling NFL tickets with all the fees included this coming season. Well see how far that goes.

Hopefully for the fans this starts a trend and the rest of the secondary ticket resellers join in by leaving off the hidden service fees. Then the fans can quit wasting so much time creating new accounts online just to find the price they saw, was not the price theyre being asked to pay.

Preferred Seating Tickets has been a leading secondary ticket reseller since 1987 and they guarantee every NHL Conference and Stanley Cup Final ticket they sell. Fans can buy tickets by phone or online at PreferredSeat.com where they can find interactive seating charts for all of the NHL teams.

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