2013 Nissan Pathfinder Overview

Learn more about Pathfinder’s CVT transmission: youtu.be The all-new Nissan Pathfinder is the Next Gen SUV. Combining legendary capability with the flexibility and technology you need for the way you live today. This video shows off its EZ Flex Seating System, advanced navigation, Around View® Monitor, intuitive 4WD, and more. Nissan. Innovation that excites.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Overview

  1. TruAgape123 says:

    Nissan/Renault Pathfinder = not reliable!

  2. uz1144 says:

    Wow what a nice looking minivan…

  3. barkmanbryan says:

    I like everything but the cvt I hate them please make one without it please nissan do this right

  4. Carlos Pimentel says:

    the car is no ugly… but is not a pathfinder…. and i will not buy just because as a new pathfiner is horrible

  5. franki3Ru550 says:

    What year is this 2009 lol!

  6. Advocatvs says:

    what a PIECE OF SHIT! booooooooooooooooooo Nissan:

  7. orange105 says:

    SO..in otherwords it is now a mini-van w/ AWD

  8. corv989 says:

    As long as it does what it does, then I’m happy with it.

  9. JetSpeedMCO says:

    Looks great, hope to see it in person soon. 

  10. Michael Stachlberg says:

    the most agly nissan what I saw….. agly and fat like pensioner

  11. g7003041 says:

    Great Work Nissan!!!. Like the new design.

  12. abdulazizk93 says:

    looks like shit !

  13. JustAnAverageMe says:

    The front of the Pathfinder reminds me of the 2012 Lexus Rx350. The way this “truck” was designed, can be related to the Explorer. Both “trucks” look more like they’re crossovers. Body on frame trucks seem to be on their way out. What a shame. I want a truck that’s good off road any day and not have that “On-my-way-to-get-groceries” design. Oh well.

  14. mrtrainboy019 says:

    Nissan, you just killed the 2005-2012 model. I’m switching to Ford or Honda

  15. JukieMcJukerson says:

    One thing you need to understand about those black circles is that the difference between it and the red circle or empty circle might only be a few repairs per thousand. You must be too young to remember when there was a huge reliability difference from car to car and make to make, nowadays most every car on the road is what would be considered near perfection in the 80s. It’s almost impossible to buy a truly unreliable car these days, but when there’s a list, someone has to be on the bottom.

  16. Numa1EBS says:

    So awesome! I hope the Armada makes a good car like this in 2014

  17. TruAgape123 says:

    Like the 2013 pathfinder, the 2005 Pahfinder was once new too. It looked nice. Long-term Nissan owners were expecting the reliability, Nissan had once delivered on.  It had the famed VQ engine with generous power and torque. But underneath the veil was inferiority. Corporate decisions to use cheaper parts, with lower lifespans, would become apparent in time. Today, it’s on CR’s used cars TO AVOID. Don’t let Nissan pull another one with this 2013 model. Buy reliable alternatives.

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