2013 Super Bowl Tickets Discounted for Preferred Seatings 25th Anniversary

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Sales for Super Bowl tickets started heating up at Preferred Seating Tickets right after the NFL Conference Championship games were decided this past weekend and theres a great deal of interest from both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens fans for tickets. The New Orleans area is a favorite for Super Bowl fans and a lot of them will stay for the Mardi Gras celebration that is kicking off just three days after the big game. Football fans calling for Super Bowl ticket prices are also trying to lock in a flight at the same time and those arent easy to find either.

But most of the calls coming into the ticket office at Preferred Seating are local 49er fans who have been buying San Francisco 49ers tickets there since 1987. The fans have been loyal for 25 years and this was just our way of giving them a break on an already expensive Super Bowl ticket says Greg Cullen, the co-owner of Preferred Seating Inc. A search online for Super Bowl tickets reveals a lot of disparity in ticket prices and most of that is from extra service charges tacked on after the seats are selected. The larger companies have to charge more to pay for the thousands of dollars a day for the pay per click costs on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since weve dealing with more local fans and the profits are higher for Super Bowl tickets were able to discount those as part of Preferred Seatings 25th anniversary celebration.

The Baltimore Ravens have the most recent Super Bowl experience with a win over the New York Giants in 2001. The San Francisco 49ers have won all five of their Super Bowl appearances but you have to go all the way back to 1995 for their last game when they beat the San Diego Chargers. Now it will be up to Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers and Joe Flacco leading the Ravens through what should be a high scoring game Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl ticket prices have held steady at PreferredSeat.com since the teams were decided on Sunday. Current prices for Super Bowl tickets are running $ 2000 and up per seat and are not expected to change much in part because of the location of this years game and for the San Francisco 49er fans the seventeen years absence from the championship game has helped drive up interest.

Along with the discount for 2013 Super Bowl tickets Preferred Seating has introduced a new interactive seating chart for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Fans can choose their seats by section and pull up only those seats they are interested in purchasing. Scrolling over the sections reveals the number of seats available and the price ranges for that area.

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