SEO Company Ajax Union Announces New Webinar on Utilizing Google Analytics

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

Ajax Union, a business marketing firm, will host an upcoming webinar that will focus on how small businesses can utilize Google Analytics in order to analyze various points of information relating to their websites visitors. The company, found online at, is an Inc. 500 SEO company specializing in optimizing the internet presence of small businesses. Ajax Unions webinars are recognized as indispensable free resources for gaining knowledge on internet marketing techniques.

Since its launch, Google Analytics has established itself as an essential tool for any small business operating online. Whether a business uses it to find out more about their company blogs readership or assessing consumer behavior on your e-commerce platform, Analytics aids companies in unveiling this all-important information. Our Google Analytics webinar will offer a brief, yet incisive introduction to this valuable tool and will explain clearly how best to leverage this free tool, said Megan Fix, Agency Manager at Ajax Union.

The forthcoming webinar, entitled Analyzing Your Websites Visitors: A Look at Google Analytics will be held on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 from 12pm to 1pm and will be presented by Ajax Union Agency Manager and Google Analytics expert, Megan Fix. The webinar will address various facets of Analytics, from identifying the geographical location of website visitors to learning how they navigate a website, and from tracking e-commerce conversions to finding out exactly how visitors find their way to a website.

Upcoming webinars include Email Marketing Into Success with Ajax Union CEO Joe Apfelbaum, as well as PR & Reputation Management presented by Vice President of Ajax Union, Sarah Mogin. The internet marketing company offers a comprehensive selection of SEO analysis and optimization plans including several online marketing strategies such as email marketing, press release writing and distribution, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media management. Small businesses can easily sign up for month-to-month contracts, which do not demand a long-term commitment.

To learn more about Ajax Union, its services, webinars and other free resources, visit the company online or call 800-594-0444. Stay up-to-date with all future webinars by subscribing to the companys mailing list, liking Ajax Union on Facebook or following it on Twitter.

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Enterprise Management Associates Announces IT and Data Management Webinars for February

Boulder, CO. (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, today announced it will host webinars focused on IT and data management during the month of February.

The EMA Webinars scheduled for February are:

Thursday, February 14 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Aligning and Enriching your IT Data to Achieve Operational and Business Value

Former Global CIO of American Express – Toby Redshaw, and EMA VP of Research, Dennis Drogseth, will discuss the struggle enterprise IT organizations have with inconsistent and inaccurate data and how seriously it impacts the very business of IT.

The inability to align and enrich data across IT and non-IT systems, e.g. IT strategy, IT Operations, Financial and HR systems, results in wasted Capex and Opex. Conversely, a current, accurate and dynamic understanding of IT and non-IT data with full market context such as age, costs, support levels, SKU, vendor, etc. improves ROI in IT initiatives from IT transformation, IT financial management, to asset management, audits, provisioning and service delivery.

Drogseth and Redshaw will address:

-How to take control of IT data

-What process issues should be considered first

-How to redefine and enrich an IT data collection strategy

-How to share this data across an organization for maximum efficiency

-How this data can be translated into values such as data center transformation, application rationalization, IT planning and governance, and IT financial planning

Tuesday, February 19 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Demystifying Cloud: Key Trends in Cloud Computing

The EMA Demystifying Cloud Research Report provides guidance to organizations considering the purchase of cloud technologies by allowing them to learn from the lessons of enterprises that have gone through the initial release of their cloud deployment.

EMA Senior Analyst, Torsten Volk, will reveal the results of the Demystifying Cloud study, answering key questions such as:

-What are the real-life challenges of cloud deployments?

-How do the individual cloud vendors solutions differ?

-What are key concerns and pain points when moving to the cloud?

-Which cloud features are most important to what type of customers?

-Are multi-hypervisor strategies real and what is the ROI?

-What are key integration points between cloud and the existing data center?

-How influential are business staff and developers during the cloud technology decision process?

About Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Founded in 1996, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst firm that provides deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA analysts leverage a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions to help its clients achieve their goals. Learn more about EMA research, analysis, and consulting services for enterprise line of business users, IT professionals and IT vendors at or

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East Coast Honda Receives Environmental Stewardship Award Presented by Southpoint Solutions as a Result of Completing Their Energy Efficient Lighting Project

Myrtle Beach, SC (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

East Coast Honda, a Myrtle Beach area automobile dealership recently completed a project to upgrade their existing lighting systems to reduce electricity costs and improve lighting quality. At the same time their reduced electricity usage has resulted in less greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production.

Southpoint Solutions worked with East Coast Honda to develop and implement this project utilizing the patented technology of Orion Energy Systems. The existing lighting system, which consisted of over 146 inefficient high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures, was replaced with Orions high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) technology.

As a result of the project, East Coast Honda expects to cut its light-related electricity usage, and associated costs, by almost 70 percent. An added benefit is that lower electricity usage means less fossil fuel emissions associated with electricity production. By completing this project, East Coast Honda has indirectly reduced the amount of air pollution by 303.9 tons which has an equivalent impact of saving 37,745 gallons of gasoline annually or planting 83 acres of trees.

Honda is driving to align themselves with their environmental missions set forth in 1992. They have made it a mission to preserve the health of humans and the environment. Honda has opened three LEED Green-Building certified facilities with a total of 11 LEED certified facilities.

Kirt Cahill, the controller for East Coast Honda, said We considered four other vendors that proposed systems that included LED and induction technology, but felt that Orions high-intensity fluorescent fixtures were the best fit for their needs. Not only did they fit their needs, but there was a price advantage with the Orion product.

East Coast Honda is the greater Myrtle Beach Honda dealer with a mission to make every customer a customer for life by consistently providing world class services. For more information, visit

Southpoint Solutions, LLC. is an energy services company whose mission is to help commercial and industrial companies reduce energy costs and achieve environmental objectives by developing and implementing turnkey energy efficiency projects consisting primarily of high-performance, energy-efficient lighting platforms, intelligent wireless control systems and direct renewable solar technology. For more information, visit