A Simple Approach to Social Media Marketing

A Simple Approach to Social Media Marketing
Modern entrepreneurship requires people to develop an effective strategy for their social media marketing campaigns. Without a prepared strategy for marketing on social media platforms, you cannot jump-start your efforts and make good progress – at …
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Social media in China: growing integration across marketing channels
This growth of internet access via mobile has led to much more use of social media by public sector organisations. This is part of a wider shift in greater openness around communications channels in China. Alongside access to outside social channels …
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The Power of Linkedin for your Business

The Power of Linkedin for your Business
Event on 2013-12-10 09:30:00

Starting with a 10 Item Breakfast, we will look at How to use Linkedin to create NEW leads for your Business and show you how you could reach more of the right people with your Marketing message – interested? Then please read on and we will explain more… if not thanks for visiting and have a nice day!


Following on from our Successful  "The Power of Twitter" workshops, we have been asked to provide a similar workshop for Linkedin which goes into more depth on how you CAN use Linkedin to get NEW leads and GROW your Business!

This Equipping Workshop is being delivered by Jaz Greer – The Business Builder, from local Derby Based Business Consultancy Make A Difference.

He will show you How to Connect with the right people, right markets, and right opportunities for your business through Linkedin which is the first step to seeing an Increase in your Sales and Income.

Jaz will guide you through what you need to Connect through Linkedin, what to say, how to say it and most importantly when to say it.

90% of attendees at events organised by Jaz come through Social Media Marketing and of these 75% through Twitter and 25% through Linkedin. Jaz is already practicing what he will show in this Equipping Workshop.

The Equipping Workshop will cover:

  • How you make connections with the right people
  • How to find NEW customers on Linkedin
  • What to say, how to say it and when to say it!
  • Free Tools to help you manage your time & Post easily
  • A practical demonstration on how to use Linkedin and the tools mentioned in this workshop

At the end of this Equipping Workshop, you will have the knowledge, techniques and confidence to go out and  Post onto Linkedin and find NEW connections and NEW potential customers for your Business!



Terms and Conditions of Booking:

1.Make A Difference reserves the right to accept or deny any individual booking

2.Payment is in advance of attending the workshop – including invoice payments

3.Less than 7 days notice of non-attendance or non-attendance at the workshop will not be elegible to a refund

4.Make A Difference reserves the right not to offer a refund for non-attendance and   reserves the right to offer an alternative place on another workshop

5.All notes, slides, handouts and content of these Make A Difference workshops are copyright of Make A Difference and should not be reproduced or re-used in another setting without the express permission and agreement of Make A Difference

6.In the event that Make A Difference has to defer or re-arrange the workshop, all paid participants will be offered an alternative date and time for this or an equivalent workshop.




at Community Enterprise. Centre
Sheridan Street.
Derby, United Kingdom

Search Engine Traffic Drives Most Ad Clicks on Websites [Study]

Search Engine Traffic Drives Most Ad Clicks on Websites [Study]
However, Chitika did say the data reveals something more. … Back in October, Chitika released research that showed how ad CTR on websites varied when users came to the website from Position 1 in the organic search results versus other positions. What …
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Tony Abbott's controversial speeches wiped
Since 1996, the National Library of Australia's PANDORA system has archived websites and pages, including political material. Since then it has collected content from more than 50 elections, from local government to federal campaign, and has retained …
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Banking it on the bench

Banking it on the bench
Even in the lower courts judges and justices rank highly on the list, with pay packets for those serving on the District Court ($ 406,019) and High Court ($ 548,725) comparable to or in excess of Prime Minister John Key's $ 428,500. Andrew Little …
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CM meets Sonia, seeks one rank, one pension for ex-servicemen
Three days after the Delhi high court sought a status report from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on action taken on corruption allegations against chief minister Virbhadra Singh, he called on All-India Congress Committee president Sonia …
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Highranking army officer Mark Smyth from Nailsea jailed for taking indecent
A HIGH-RANKING army officer has been jailed for taking pictures of children as they changed on a Pembrokeshire beach. Swansea Crown Court heard holidaymakers had become suspicious of Lieutenant Colonel Mark Smyth's behaviour, the BBC reports.
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Announcing a Brand New Real Estate Investment Software Designed To Help Investors Automate Their Real Estate Business

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Real estate investing can be a tedious process for any investor if they dont have the proper systems in place. From finding the deals, to getting them under contract and following through all the way to closing, without a powerful real estate investment software investors can find themselves struggling to keep up.

Thats why the creator and owner of iFlipRealEstate.com, Cameron Dunlap, is so excited to be releasing iFlip 2.0 today. Dunlap has been a successful real estate investor and teacher for decades and has designed iFlip 2.0 so that all investors could decrease the amount of time spent managing their real estate business while increasing the number of deals done and the amount of profit made. He actively uses iFlip 2.0, so he knows that the system works and covers all of the bases.

When asked why iFlip is so powerful, Cameron stated, There are so many tools and features in iFlip, from the proprietary deal flow process and unlimited websites to the offer generator and social media syndication, weve really added everything an investor needs to automate and profit in their business.

iFlip 2.0 was designed to help real estate investors automate their business. Investors will be able to manage deals, buyers, lenders, rehabs, sellers, birddogs, contacts, emails, offers, and so much more easily. They can access their websites and account information from any device with a wireless connection and internet browser. This includes tablets and smart phones, too! Not only that, but buyers, sellers, and bird dogs can also view the websites on a smart phone or tablet.

Investors also have the ability to build and customize their own websites to generate leads. The website modules available currently are buyer, seller, bird dog, and lease option. iFlip 2.0 provides the tools to manage all of the leads as well. One can contact, follow-up, schedule tasks, keep track of progress and much more all within the system.

Kendall, a beta tester for iFlip 2.0 system, had this to say about her experience, With only a few clicks it was easy for me to advertise to potential leads, generate leads, setup autoresponders, send emails, follow-up, set task reminders, generate offers, place advertisements about properties for sale, contact potential buyers, send out direct mailings, and the list goes on. iFlip 2.0 has saved me so much time and money .

The number of features in iFlip 2.0 and the easy to navigate interface has made this system the most effective real estate investment software platform. The tutorial library and video explanations make it easy to learn how to use the system as well. Not only that, but there are free training on how to market to leads, generate leads, increase website SEO rankings, and more!

iFlip 2.0 has everything an investor needs to manage their real estate business, and its only $ 1.95 for a 30-day risk free trial. Visit http://www.iFlipRealEstate.com/trialoffer and get started today.

Good People Creative Finishes 2013 on a Good Note

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

As they approach the one year mark of opening their doors, Good People Creative shares how social media, referrals and being surrounded by good people all led to a successful first year of business.

In January of 2013, Cole Evans started Good People Creative, a Nashville-based content marketing firm specializing in Search, Media Buying, Marketing, Content Creation and Social Media. Since then, he has brought on 7 team members with experience in each of these areas, including Public Relations, Design and Business Development.

GPC also expanded this year by partnering with Josh Harrell, an award-winning documentarian and filmmaker. Evans and Harrell formed Good People Studios, a production company that takes a unique documentary approach to video marketing and focuses on the compelling stories their clients have to share.

Investing in the right people out of the gate versus spending time training [our team] has helped us with momentum throughout the year, says Evans. Training is obviously important, but taking experienced skill sets and putting them in the right position has really helped.

In addition to having good people on the GPC team, their collective network outside of the office has resulted in all new business coming from referrals this year.

With 100% of GPCs new business coming from referrals, there is no doubt that our teams network is stronger and more connected than ever, says Evans.

Not only did referrals play a big role in the growth of Good People Creative, but social media also had a hand in initiating a conversation with Tim Leeper Roofing. For business owners still questioning its measures, this is a great example of how GPC utilized social media to partner with one of their best clients.

Tim Leeper Roofing put the roof on my house in 2012. When I started Good People Creative in 2013, I reached out to him on Twitter, knowing that he would remember me as a client, says Evans. In a few weeks later, we had a full service contract.

Ten Best Web Development Services in Germany Disclosed in November 2013 by germany.topseos.com

(PRWEB) November 30, 2013

The 10 top web development services in Germany have been named by germany.topseos.com for the month of November 2013. Each month the independent analysis team spends time identifying and reporting the top internet marketing services around the world to assist businesses in selecting the best web development agency to meet their specific needs. The leading objective of germany.topseos.com is to assist customers of internet marketing services in searching for experienced services based on established standards created by researchers and industry analysts. The resulting standards are used to decide which services produce the best experience for customers with updates on a monthly basis.

To view the listings of the top web development services in Germany click here.

Each month the best web development companies in Germany are put through a methodical evaluation process in order to determine which companies produce the best services overall. The process involves an in-depth analysis of best performing web development companies in areas including robust and secure, scalable, standard compliance, process, and maintenance. Client evaluations of competing web development companies are contacted in order to obtain their unique inputs and suggestions on the companies they have used.

ABOUT germany.topseos.com

germany.topseos.com is an online producer of independent reviews and ratings in Germany. The rankings of the top internet marketing services are released monthly to assist businesses in connecting with web development services which feature a history of effective solutions. Thousands of internet marketing services are put to the test while only the absolute best services are highlighted in the rankings.

Web development services interested in being evaluated and proclaimed can visit:


Totally Promotional Drives Offline Social Commerce Using Share-on-Mobile App of ShopSocially

Mountain View, California (PRWEB) November 29, 2013

Americas number one source for imprinted promotional products Totally Promotional is driving offline word-of-mouth brand endorsements from their customers using ShopSociallys innovative Share-on-Mobile app. Users of their customized table-cover products site TotallyTablecovers.com are sharing their product usage pictures through mobile. This offline social sharing using mobile is creating numerous social photo testimonials which are being collated and shown in a Pinterest-like webpage. These social testimonials are also shown on the product pages driving user engagement and increasing sales conversion.

Share-on-Mobile completes the social commerce loop for an internet retailer by generating offline social testimonials and bringing them back on the website to augment the onsite social media marketing efforts. Offline social sharing creates invaluable social proofs displayed onsite which results in increased user engagement and high sales conversion. TotallyTablecovers.com is seeing a sales conversion of 16% on products where these social proofs from Share-on-Mobile are being showcased.

Totally Promotional is making their customized products e-commerce sites more social by adding onsite social commerce modules and realizing a high uplift in sales conversion rate. For example, on their customized wedding-related products site TotallyWeddingKoozies.com, they are employing a low-effort, high-impact incentive based app called Get-a-Fan. Users get a discount coupon when they Like Facebook page of TotallyWeddingKoozies.com. Since users feel they have earned the coupon in return of a social action, they are converting at a high rate of 32.03% – resulting into a huge uplift in sales conversion. Get-a-Fan has contributed to 15.44% of Facebook fanbase of TotallyWeddingKoozies.com.

Totally Promotional is also using ShopSociallys Social Connect app to generate deep social insights into their customer base. Users are connecting with Totally Promotional brand on Facebook in return of a discount coupon and in process are sharing their rich social profile data like birth-date, number of friends, age, geo-location, gender, interests. Totally Promotional is using these insights to fine-tune their advertising efforts and to enhance social ROI. Because of the deeper connect that users are making with Totally Promotional brand, users are converting at high rate of 45%, resulting in a large uplift in sales conversion rate.

Generating social testimonials offline through mobile is a huge benefit for our business. These testimonials are driving word-of-mouth branding and are boosting sales conversion and SEO rank, said Erin Siefring, Social Media Coordinator at Totally Promotional. We are impressed by ShopSociallys innovative social commerce solutions.

Social media is always evolving. Share-on-Mobile is an innovative step in connecting the offline and online social media efforts and completing the social commerce loop. By combining the influence of offline social interactions over mobile with onsite social commerce efforts, internet retailers can gain real business benefits in terms of sales conversion uplift and revenue increase.

With more and more users using their mobile for online shopping and social interactions, it is important to add mobile to social commerce strategy, said Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially. Success of Totally Promotional is a real example of how offline testimonials can drive onsite social commerce.

About Totally Promotional:

Totally Promotional is one of America’s number one resources for imprinted promotional products. Established in 1993 and located in Northwest Central Ohio in Celina, Totally Promotional process tens of thousands of orders yearly for the smallest to largest companies, organizations, universities, and local to state governments. Our experienced customer service specialists have an average five plus years of experience, and help customers to zero in on exactly what they are looking for, while explaining issues concerning pricing, artwork, samples, delivery times, shipping and are ready to better assist you quickly and professionally. Their in-house team of creative art professionals in their graphic design facility can assist or create your artwork, however, some of their websites feature a DIY design customization tool for customers to personalize many products instantly online. Totally Promotional has expanded recently into a seventy five thousand square-foot printing facility to better suit customer’s needs.

About ShopSocially

ShopSocially is a SaaS social commerce platform driving millions of dollars in incremental revenue, new customer acquisition, improved SEO rank, growth in Facebook fan base, and word-of-mouth branding for 100s of top brands.

ShopSocially platform enables a suite of onsite social apps for ecommerce sites. Examples of these apps include social connect, purchase sharing, fan acquisition, shopping community, mobile social reviews and more.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit http://shopsocially.com/platform/contact-shopsocially.html.