2014 KPop Girl Group Ranking [TOP22]

Official Kpop Girl Group ranking for 2014 by Sports Chosun. Watch in HD ! This list is not based on my personal opinions, I just made the video. (Song that p…
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23 Responses to 2014 KPop Girl Group Ranking [TOP22]

  1. Kieran Bautista says:

    1. 2ne1 2, Miss A 3. Wondergirls 4. SNSD 5. Sistar

  2. Victor Yao says:

    1. SNSD 2ne1 2.Apink Sistar FX 3. t-ara Wonder girls BEG After School 4 minutes miss a 4.Secret Kara aoa 5.5 dolls Bestie Rainbow etc

  3. Rainbow Heart says:

    After watching this I realize that the only unique kpop girl groups are snsd and 2ne1..everyone else sounds the exact same

  4. TheAustin916 says:

    You all need to calm the hell down lol this is based on opinion and we obviously have our different opinion, so why argue over them? It’s pointless.

  5. shay purple says:

    the top 3 sure are the best..sistar produce great music plus classy style while snsd is more on swag…2ne1 produce such rare music..proud of them…

  6. Arriss3 says:

    Wow can’t believe T-ara has fallen that far down. =( Poor girls. I don’t even know who Apink is though? O.O Only thing that really confused me. Congrats to Sistar though!! Snsd watch out they may just take that number one spot!

  7. umiboshi000 says:

    I don’t like how in kpop history 1 song can skyrocket the ranking like A pink did with no no no which is pretty much a rip off a SES. Girls day over Miss A is kind of bs. 1st tier: SNSD & 2ne1 2nd tier: Sistar, F(x), Miss A 3rd tier: 4minute, Kara, girls day 4th tier: After School, brown eye girl, Secret 5h tier: A Pink, T-ara

  8. Chorong park says:

    Wtf t-ara my queens 16th?! :( I HATE THOSE HATERS!! 

  9. Tatia Bakuriya says:

    2ne1 , 3rd , seriously? ._. ~ 

  10. zcarenow says:

    I think you meant most popular groups from your poll….9Muses is really the best group going into 2014…best songs from last year….Americans prefer the music of 9Muses….though Sistar is my favorite group… but the best group vocally is SPICA

  11. JoshJonesJr1 says:

    I tried to give this so called music a fair chance, sorry, just sounds like recycled 90’s girl group music with a different language and some sexy asians

  12. KPOPFan1298 says:

    Im a Blackjack and a fan of SISTAR, not a big one but a fan. I honestly think that SISTAR deserves 2nd. They have been on spot last year. I honestly didnt really enjoy Crush that much and was disappointed in 2ne1 this year. I loved their “Do you love me” and “Falling in love” but I didnt like their new album. So I think in terms of albums I think SISTAR really did deserve 2nd.

  13. Aisosa Uhunmwangho says:

    Why the hell is sistar above 2ne1?!

  14. WickedClownYoda says:

    I’d like to see them ranked by which groups have had the least amount of Plastic surgery… Just saying… But it would have to be based on facts, not stupid rumors.

  15. Isabella Monte says:

    WHo sings that song in the begging?

  16. jeshi ka says:

    it is ur opinion??i mean u choose thin ranking?

  17. Lance LaCour says:

    Mostly agree, but I’d move T-Ara waaaaay up, possibly switch with 2NE1 straight across.

  18. Taamir Khan says:

    1.Snsd 2.2ne1 3.miss a 4. Sistar 5.Wounder Girls 6.Apink 7.15& 8.4minute 9.f(x) 10.T-ara

  19. เบญมาศ ทิพมณี says:

    T-ara #16 OMG it so low!!!!!! T_T

  20. Susan H. says:

    OMG GUYSSSS! This is their opinion! Don’t freak out! It’s an opinion not a FACT. You guys are so rude to her…

  21. Shanen Allawan says:

    come on, 2NE1 at #3? even non-Kpoppers know them. but I’m soooo proud of Girls Day! yeaaa~ Nine Muses is way too high though…

  22. Christine Han says:

    What is this list based on? Actual record sales?

  23. Kate Zetta says:

    I am from Russia and I love T-ARA and Girls generation ^^

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