2014 UNMC Technology Demo Day

2014 UNMC Technology Demo Day
Event on 2014-10-21 15:00:00


The UNMC Technology Demo Day is back, featuring quck presentations about exciting new startups and technologies developed and invented at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Presentaions begin in the DRC Auditorium at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 21, and will conclude with a short reception at about 5 p.m. UNeMed, the even sponsor and host, will provide food, wine and other refreshments.

Register today to help us plan a better event. And by resgistering here and attending the event, all UNMC faculty, students and staff are automatically entered to win a free iPad! (The iPad drawing will be held during the Innovation Awards ceremony and you must be present to win.)

The following is the current list of planned topics:

  • Laparoscopic simulator for higher skills, lower costs: Developing facilities for the purpose of training and maintain laparoscopic skills often requires a dedicated space and several thousands of dollars. A new, elegant system under development at UNMC can make virtually any open space a suitable training spot for laparoscopic tools at a small fraction of the cost. UNeMed's Joe Runge will discuss this new training tool, and the clinical needs for cost-cutting innovations.


  • Detecting problems before the symptoms appear: The third-leading cause of death in the United States COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can lead to sudden and life-threatening exacerbations—a flare-up of symptoms that often result in hospitalization and an acceleration in the loss of lung function. Patients suffering from COPD must remain vigilant for the earliest signs of an exacerbation, but remarkable research from the biomechanics facility at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, have devised a platform that detect the earliest sign of impending trouble, long before a patient ever notices any of the traditional warning signs. Researcher Jenna Reyes, Ph.D., will discuss a the natural biorhythms in the human system and how they can tell us what's wrong before we even know there's a problem.


  • A better blood test for heart disease: Among the modern medical mysteries has been how a person with all outward appearances of health and youth die from a sudden heart attack. Finding those people at risk for the most dangerous forms of heart and artery disease could be as simple a new blood test currently under development at UNMC. Researcher and practicing heart specialist Dan Anderson, M.D., Ph.D., will discuss all we know—and what we don't—about heart disease, and how we might be able to better manage artery disease in the near future.


  • Improving the hemodialysis catheter: An interventional nephrologist at UNMC, Marius Florescu, M.D., designed a new catheter design with the potential to eliminate expensive and risky procedures for patients undergoing hemodialysis—the process that filters a patient's blood. One common complication is that the catheter through which the machine removes and replaces the blood will become blocked, requiring surgery to replace the catheter and radiological imaging to verify the repair. Chrysalis Medical is a new venture formed in San Jose, Calif., by veteran medical device professionals and will build the prototype for testing at UNMC. Chrysalis CEO Ron Allen, is expected to lead the discussion.


  • Sharing data often needs a middleman: Labpoint president and founder John Glock will discuss his Omaha startup's climb from an idea to a working web solution that help labs, clinics and hospitals increase efficiency by improving their ability to share critical information despite using different hardware and software platforms. Labpoint was created in 2007, born from an idea Glock had while working as an information technology manager at UNMC's Nebraska Public Health Library.


  • Reinventing the surgical mesh: Acera Surgical is a medical device startup, in St. Louis, Mo., specializing in the next generation of surgical materials. Its cornerstone product, CeraFix™ Dural Substitute, is an implantable biosynthetic material, or scaffold, for use in brain surgery. Acera Surgical recently licensed a new UNMC invention for producing three-dimensional nanofabricated materials and matrices. Acera President Matthew MacEwan will discuss the shortcomings of modern medical meshes, and how UNMC's and Acera's innovations are the next generation of surgical materials.


Other Innovation Week activities are:

      • Kick-off (Monday, Oct. 20, 9-11 a.m., DRC I) — An open house of freebies, including T-shirts, coffee and more.


      • Seminar: Industry and Academia Working Together (Tuesday, Oct. 21, 10-11 a.m., DRC I, Rm. 1004) — Toru Seo, Deputy General Manager at Taisho Pharmaceuticals, will visit from Japan to discuss how academia and industry can build strong partnerships.


      • Innovation Awards Cermony (Thursday, Oct. 23, 4-6 p.m., DRC Aud.) — Culmination of Innovation Week, recognizing UNMC faculty, staff and students who disclosed a new invention, received a patent or licensed a technology. Special honors will also be presented to the "Invention of the Year" and the "Emerging Inventor;" and one lucky guest will receive a free iPad!



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID is required, but those drinking wine at the reception may need to provide some form of identification that proves they are at least 21-years-old. UNMC students, faculty and staff should bring their UNMC ID for no-hassle entry in the iPad giveaway, but it isn't necessary.


What are my parking options?

UNMC employees with parking passes should park in their designated lots. Non-UNMC employees attending the event may use the patient visitor parking garage attached to the Durham Outpatient Hospital on 42nd and Emilie Streets.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Direct any questions to or call 402-559-2468


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? What if I forget it?

No problem. The ticket isn't necessary, but registration acts as an RSVP that helps us prepare and plan the event so please take a few moments to register. The registration also adds another chance for you to win a free iPad.


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

No problem. The ticket isn't necessary, but registration acts as an RSVP that helps us prepare and plan the event so please take a few moments to register. The registration also adds another chance for you to win a free iPad.

at Durham Research Center I Auditorium
550 South 45th Street
Omaha, United States

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