2014 Volunteer Opportunities

2014 Volunteer Opportunities
Event on 2014-07-05 20:30:00

Positions available.  Please check off which position(s) you want to considered for in the future.  Please don't check all the positions because then we won't know which you really want to do.


Project Managers:   This means you will be willing  to manage one of our technical projects.  This does not mean you will be doing the project (although you can help out all you want) this means you are just managing it.   You will be trained on the forms to submit, how to track volunteer hours and we'll get you all the resources (mostly students) for you to complete the project.  Managing projects are great things to have on your resume.

Project Manager Helpers/Advisors: You will be Helping and giving your input (if you thinks it could help) The Project Managers 

Non-Technical Project Manager:  Same as above only you will be managing project where we participate in a blood drive, book fairs, heart walks, etc.  If you are a first semester student and want to get involved but feel like you don't know enough about technology to do a technical project or tutor.  It's a great way to get started and then move your way up.

Event Coordinators:  Help plan the event, specifically the "Student Activity Period" (you will be trained) and get the students in and out in a orderly manner.  You will not be the only one doing this, we need more than one manager and some worker bees.

Recruiters: You will be trying to  get  student's to join AITP, to tell them how cool it is to be a member of AITP and what it is  we are what we do and when we meet. This duty will also include going into random classrooms (if instructor permits it) for about 10 minutes or even walking up to a group of student's in the halllway waiting to get into there class. We will need at least three. You will also need to be on campus obvioiusly. Your main goal is to get more student to join AITP.(We need officers for morning,day, and night classes.)

Public Relations Officer: Your duties will include going out to events, networking, meeting people from various companies and trying to get them to come to either our Tech@tech's on Saturdays or a Student Activity Period. So you will need to be up to date on what is going at Trident Tech "student activity periods' times and dates and Tech@tech's times and dates. You main goal is to find a great speaker so you will need to use your best judgement on wether or not they would be a great speaker for A Sudent Activiy Period or maybe a speaker for a Saturdays Tech@Tech. (You will be representing AITP when you are talking to these various people)

Advisor's/helpers to the Main officers: Your job is basically just to help with anything the main officers might need maybe getting the mail or contacting someone for us. We would also take your advise (bad or good crticism is welcome) tell us what you think we should do better in.

Billboard Person: This job includes completly re-designing the billboards we have in the 740 lab (yes billboards we do have two) so if you are the creative type this would be perfect for you. We will supply everything you might need to do this. I would like these billboards to really stand out, so students passing buy just have to take a glance…use your imaginataion and creativity. 


These positions are needed to be filled A.S.A.P so just e-mail patrickclarke@my.tridenttech.edu or anthonytatar@my.tridenttech.edu if you are interested and let us know what postion you would like  or are interested in and just a breif decription on why you think you would be a good fit if you could 


at Trident Technical College
7000 Rivers Ave
North Charleston, United States

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