2015 Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Summit

2015 Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Summit
Event on 2015-04-07 10:30:00


This free workshop is for current and future Eastern Shore of Virginia tourism business owners who want to learn more about how to meet the demands of today's savvy traveler. Plus there are prizes you can win. 

You'll leave with concrete tactics — tailored to small business owners with little time and no budget — that will help you grow your bottom line. Our experts don't have all the answers, but they know quite a bit about tourism, marketing and innovation.


Gary Giest, Google Inc.
Managing Your Business in a Google Universe

Google processes over 40,000 search queries, on average, every second. That’s 1.2 trillion searches per year. Google is what travelers use to find out where to go and what to do, and once they’ve arrived, Google is where they go when they’re looking for something. Make sure your business is there when people go looking.

Dave Neudeck, Virginia Tourism Corporation
Top Ten Digital Marketing Must Do’s

The marketing world just gets more and more complicated and it’s tough to figure out how to use the limited time you have as a small business owner. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, content marketing, videos, how does one even begin to sort through it? What are the top ten things you must do in the digital marketing world?

Interactive Digital Workshops Over Lunch

Bill’s Restaurant in Chincoteague will have box lunches for sale, , or you can bring your own. Drinks provided.

Track One
Digital Marketing for Beginners: You have a website, but it’s always out of date, you don’t have time to answer the emails, you only have three TripAdvisor comments, and no matter what you do, it never seems like it’s enough. Or the right things. You have lots of questions. This track’s for you. It’s more like therapy.

Track Two
Mastering Facebook: You’re putting a lot of effort into Facebook. Your posts are getting picked up and you’re engagement is respectable, but you’re not sure what all the insight data means and you’re not sure how much to spend on boosts and who and where to target. Should you promote your website? This track’s for you.

Track Three
You’re seeing results across your social media platforms; you’ve got solid crowd sourced presence on TripAdvisor, Yelp and other sites critical to your business; you’ve got data loaded to all key travel and business channels, and you’re thinking about producing video and blogging. This track’s for you.

Sherri Smith, Artisan Center of Virginia
Trails Connect People and Community in New Ways

Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail has had a phenomenal year and been developed in record time. Now a whole new trail – the Virginia Oyster Trail — is underway too, with the Virginia Eastern Shore as one of the focal points. These are big wins for the Virginia Eastern Shore tourism economy. But these trails do more than just bring in tourism revenue – they also weave the local community together in new and sometimes unexpected ways.

Special Guest: Senator Lynwood Lewis, Virginia District 06

Jay Ford, Virginia Eastern Shore Shorekeeper
Building a Sustainable Tourism Economy

Younger generations — one of the Eastern Shore of Virginia's most important tourism marketing targets — make decisions about where to go on vacation based on different ideas than older travelers. They want to eat and consume locally produced goods. They want to have meaningful, authentic experiences. They want to have minimal negative social, economic and environmental impact. They want to make positive contributions to the area’s natural and cultural heritage. How does the Eastern Shore measure up?


at Eastern Shore Community College
29300 Lankford Highway
Melfa, United States

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