2015: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote – Online Marketing Rockstars

My Keynote Talk in Hamburg. Gary Vaynerchuk, Video von den Online Marketing Rockstars — Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it…

23 thoughts on “2015: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote – Online Marketing Rockstars

  1. Got my daily Gary fix, I’ve heard his wine library spiel before but never the part about a $15,000 dev cost for W.L yielding $800 in sales his first year LOVED that nugget Gary never fails to entertain. Mentioned him in my Keynote today at a local community college and saw plenty of people knew exactly who I was talking about… big ups Gary even small town Nova Scotians know your work!

  2. I need me some smart pants right about now. Interested in checking CoEverywhere. Sounds coo. Great stuff as always Gary. Between this and the USC chat…killer.

  3. Ha ha – I thought +Gary Vaynerchuk was going to use his phone in another way with that guitarist at the end. Another awesome keynote. More brilliant ideas taken from this. 

  4. Sheer brilliance. Doesn’t hurt that he’s from NJ, either! 🙂 This man’s LEGIT, and I am quickly filling up notebooks with notes from his keynotes. Thanks, GaryV!

  5. My favorite takeaways: “It’s the same old game. Arbitrage: where is the value while the rest of the market doesn’t understand it… ” “The highest ROI is scaling the un-scalable; If it’s already scalable everyone else is doing it and that ruins the supply and demand.” “Attention is the only asset!” Awesome video as usual +Gary Vaynerchuk //@garyvee

  6. Hi Gary I found this on LinkedIn today. I originate from Hamburg while I live in Melbourne so it was quite interesting to see a US Content Marketing Guru in a German setting. Obvioulsy the audeince got the message. What I liked most: “Marketers ruin everything”. Hilarious!

  7. Gary I’m calling you “Coach” from now on…Not a motivational speaker, more like a sports coach…”Hustle, Hustle, move it, move it! Don’t stop, keep trying!” Been watching too many of your videos ; )

  8. hey Gary, I love that you use a lot of the same material but keep it fresh by saying it in a different way. I’d listen to you if all you did was stand on stage and read cooking recipes. Great stuff man! 

  9. “Arbitrage: Where is the value where the rest of the market doesn’t understand it?” “The best stuff, the stuff that sells the most is always scaling the unscalable” #LifeTimeValue #tflg 

  10. Thanks for posting this keynote, +GaryVaynerchuk. Learned a few more things today, mainly about arbitrage and rinse and repeat plus respecting the consumers time. And that you will never buy a Samsung product. 

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