2015: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote – Online Marketing Rockstars

My Keynote Talk in Hamburg. Gary Vaynerchuk, Video von den Online Marketing Rockstars — Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it…

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23 Responses to 2015: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote – Online Marketing Rockstars

  1. lO RR says:

    I’M AN INVESTOR, AND I’M WONDERING SOMETHING : As an apprentice investor, listening to Gary Vee, should I focus on companies ˝selling time˝ ? 

  2. Seth Rozee says:

    Got my daily Gary fix, I’ve heard his wine library spiel before but never the part about a $15,000 dev cost for W.L yielding $800 in sales his first year LOVED that nugget Gary never fails to entertain. Mentioned him in my Keynote today at a local community college and saw plenty of people knew exactly who I was talking about… big ups Gary even small town Nova Scotians know your work!

  3. Kyle Reed says:

    I need me some smart pants right about now. Interested in checking CoEverywhere. Sounds coo. Great stuff as always Gary. Between this and the USC chat…killer.

  4. Philipp Steuer says:

    Great to see the keynote this way :) Couldnt make it to Hamburge because it was sold out.

  5. Phillip Maddick says:

    Ha ha – I thought +Gary Vaynerchuk was going to use his phone in another way with that guitarist at the end. Another awesome keynote. More brilliant ideas taken from this. 

  6. David Amodt says:

    great speech by Gary Vee

  7. Thomas Bialek says:

    Just purely awesome Gary!! Definitely am gonna check out CoEverywhere.

  8. Atul Pradhananga says:

    SPOKEN! Great Talk +Gary Vaynerchuk Always gives something to think and act about.

  9. ZwienerZ says:

    I just saw an add for a smart suitcase in my facebook feed. Crazy.

  10. Uncle Snoop says:

    I already got smartpants it’s called a wife lol

  11. Kris Hartley says:

    Sheer brilliance. Doesn’t hurt that he’s from NJ, either! :) This man’s LEGIT, and I am quickly filling up notebooks with notes from his keynotes. Thanks, GaryV!

  12. Reading Through History says:

    That woman’s laugh…

  13. Joseph P DeFazio IV says:

    My favorite takeaways: “It’s the same old game. Arbitrage: where is the value while the rest of the market doesn’t understand it… ” “The highest ROI is scaling the un-scalable; If it’s already scalable everyone else is doing it and that ruins the supply and demand.” “Attention is the only asset!” Awesome video as usual +Gary Vaynerchuk //@garyvee

  14. Gabe Johansson says:

    I shut pop-ups off mobile for the same reason. Desktop has brought me me too many engaged email subscribers to shut that off though.

  15. Fyaw Nym says:

    Hi Gary I found this on LinkedIn today. I originate from Hamburg while I live in Melbourne so it was quite interesting to see a US Content Marketing Guru in a German setting. Obvioulsy the audeince got the message. What I liked most: “Marketers ruin everything”. Hilarious!

  16. MAM says:

    Gary I’m calling you “Coach” from now on…Not a motivational speaker, more like a sports coach…”Hustle, Hustle, move it, move it! Don’t stop, keep trying!” Been watching too many of your videos ; )

  17. whadafunk ny says:

    “is that how you guys do it here” hahahah thats the best part

  18. Dietmar Muchitsch says:

    Gr8 as always but I really miss the q+a ;/

  19. Michael Murtagh says:

    hey Gary, I love that you use a lot of the same material but keep it fresh by saying it in a different way. I’d listen to you if all you did was stand on stage and read cooking recipes. Great stuff man! 

  20. RockWrapRepeat says:

    That was one of your best keynotes I have watched! Team Brain and Team Heart all the way! Oh and F$@k Samsung!

  21. Ury Sarabia says:

    “Arbitrage: Where is the value where the rest of the market doesn’t understand it?” “The best stuff, the stuff that sells the most is always scaling the unscalable” #LifeTimeValue #tflg 

  22. Ramon Cespedes says:

    Thanks for posting this keynote, +GaryVaynerchuk. Learned a few more things today, mainly about arbitrage and rinse and repeat plus respecting the consumers time. And that you will never buy a Samsung product. 

  23. justin phu says:

    If you know Gary’s background, skip to 6:08 

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