2015… The Year Digital Marketing Comes of Age

2015… The Year Digital Marketing Comes of Age
The one thing constant and predictable about Digital Marketing is that change is inevitable. We have learned that we just can't bottle it, replicate it or formulate it! However, we can look at trends and make informed predictions – not educated guesses.
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A Look Back: Innovation or Hype in Digital Marketing?
For me, no one this year summed up better the state of digital marketing — particularly the social aspect — than Jeffrey Doak, vice president of social measurement for Team Detroit. Speaking at the eMetrics Conference in Boston in October, Doak said …
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Online Marketing is No Longer a Bag of Tricks
For years, countless “digital marketers” flooded websites, job boards, human-resources departments, and clueless executives with pitches to do all of these things — and often for little money. In the decade from 2000 to 2010 — when the Internet …
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