20 Replies to “2015 Volkswagen Golf Unveil – 2013 New York Auto Show”

  1. I was poking fun at the marketing ploy they’re using. I just find it patronising when companies release a product in one year but call it ‘next’ years model. Great car and entertaining unveil though! 😉

  2. “IT” ….. you know English, don’t you? So, your line should have been “what? your car?” And, yes, this car is a crap VW has a worse reliability record than GM’s. Of course, since you are a european asslicking idiot, you don’t even have clue about this. If you can get your nose out of euroepan ass and make a serious research you might learn few things. However this time you have to ease on the sucking euroepan dick since it may prevent enough Oxygen to reach your brain.

  3. Umm your wrong the point of these shows whether its a car or computer or whatever the point of the unveil is to be dramatic impressive and interesting not plain boring and factual.

  4. The cars displayed at an auto show are cool but I don’t understand the need for all the pre-show presentations. Sure, they’re neat but in the end, it’s just a car. It’s anti-climactic most of the time. I think the manufacturers would get a bigger “ah” factor by having someone talk about it briefly and then show it. It’s kind of like getting excited about a big budget film from watching movie trailers only to find that when you finally see it, it’s just a movie – all hype, no substance.

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