2016 Alfresco Adventure Leadership Camps

2016 Alfresco Adventure Leadership Camps
Event on 2016-09-05 08:00:00
City Wide Club of Clubs (CWCC) is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas and we are sponsoring the following free camps.  These camps are designed to inspire youth who reside in social and economically disadvantaged environments and communities to make positive life style choices, conserve natural resources, and be positive role models in their communities, schools, and churches through fun, outdoor experiences with family, friends and peers.  We provide meals, transportation, and all camp equipment and supplies.  Alfresco Adventure Leadership Camp. A 12-month camp for pre-teens and teens (12 – 19 years old). Participants will enjoy excursions to various Texas State Parks and Museums where they will engage in activities such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, nature photography, star gazing, orienteering/geocaching and more under the tutelage of our trained, experienced staff.  These outdoor activities and exercises will be used to inspire participants to be positive role models and leaders.  Participants will utilize lessons learned when participating in our "Youth Overnight Alfresco Adventure Camp" as Jr. Camp Leaders. Meals, equipment, transportation and accommodations are free for all excursions and activities! Alfresco Outdoor Family Camp.  A 2-day overnight camp for families at selective Texas State Parks.  Families spend time together enjoying park activities and amenities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, and more with assistance from our trained staff.   There is no age limit for children participating in this camp; however, all children must be accompanied by a parent. Breakfast, snacks, transportation and camping accommodations are free. Parents, however, need to bring food for dinner. Alfresco Outdoor Family Camp for Single-Parent Families.  A 2-day overnight camp for single-parent families.  Families enjoy the same advantages and benefits of the Alfresco Outdoor Family Camp with the added bonus of learning and sharing ideas with other single-parent families.  All this while enjoying the many adventures of outdoor camping.  Youth Overnight Alfresco Adventure Camp.  A 2-day overnight camp for children (7 – 14 years old) at the Twelve Stones Ranch in Conroe, TX. Youth will enjoy fishing, archery, horseback riding, pottery, bon fires, etc., as well as CPR, life sessions and more.  Meals, equipment, transportation and accommodations are free! Think Outside Your Home's Four Walls! and register today for one of our free "outdoor" camps!  Contact us at alfrescoprogram@yahoo.com for questions, or, citywide@citywideclub.com for information regarding City Wide Club of Clubs community outreach services and programs.

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