2017 ATU MN State Championship & LCTA SWAT Trial

2017 ATU MN State Championship & LCTA SWAT Trial
Event on 2017-05-13 11:00:00
Save up to 20% if you REGISTER BY April 21! Location: Otter Lake Elementary School 1401 County Rd H-2White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Events Spirit (Tiny Tigers: Ages 3 & 4) Please turn in the form as soon as possible for the Spirit Division The spirit division is designed for new or young students Participants will be asked to kick, punch and yell at the command of the judge Winners will be selected by amount of, “spirit” or courage and enthusiasm Judges will be patient and will help contestants This is the ideal division for a first-time competitor Individual Form & Breaking (Little Hwarang: Ages 5 & 6) Individual Form (Poomse) (Ages 7 & Up) You may compete with your favorite form Fill out the age and belt rank that you WILL BE on the Championship date WINNERS will be selected by POWER, CONTROL, TIMING, and PRECISION of techniques Weapon You must use the weapon you learned from Master Instructor at LCTA Maximum 1 minute Team Form (Poomse) (Ages 7 & Up) At least 2 participants Max # of participatants = 3 The following criteria will be used to determine ranking: Power, precision, accuracy, control, synchronization, breathing, Volumne, and enthusiasm) Time Limit = 2 minutes No music allowed Breaking (Ages 7 & Up) You may compete with any break you can perform SAFELY! This includes: Standard breaks, speed breaks, repetition breaks, and jumping breaks performed with props You must supply your own breaking materials purchased from LCTA or your school (for non-LCTA competitors) 1 inch Boards = .00 & 1/2 inch Boards =   Winners will be selected on degree of showmanship, precision, control and creativity Max Time = 2 minutes (this includes set-up and breaking) Max # of Boards = 10 Max # of Techniques = 3 If your break is questionable, ask your instructor in advance if you may perform it The jusdges have the right to refuse your performance if they feel that it is not safe for you to attempt Only thhe judges may hold breaking materials – Not parents Sparring (Ages 7 & Up) Black Belts – 3 One-Minute rounds Color Belts – 2 One-Minute rounds Kicking to the head is NOT ALLOWED!!! You must provide your own sparring gear, or make arrangements to borrow it Winners will be selected by number of points won – not by power of techniques Keep gear on until after standing on the podium with your prize Place gear in gym bag for safe keeping after leaving the podium Black Belt Test Requirements Please check the Black Belt test requirement regarding the Championship to prepare for future testing. Students must attend at least 2 Championships to be eligible to test for 1st Degree Black Belt Black Belts must attend at least 1 Championship between each Degree test Good Luck to all participants!!!

at Otter Lake Elementary
1401 County Road H2
Saint Paul, United States

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