Image by James Marvin Phelps
Road Trip Distance 2021.3 Miles
We’re moving to Henderson, Nevada! First part of the journey starts Thursday morning at 7am

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9 Responses to 2021.3

  1. raddad! says:

    Looks like a great road-trip, but also a very sore behind!

  2. Nana's Making ♥♥♥♥ Memories says:

    Bet you saw lots of awsome scenes – great tirip :) ! ~

  3. James Marvin Phelps says:

    Plan on lots of breaks Randy!

  4. JeffSFO says:

    Road trips are awesome. Have fun!

  5. sunrisepenny...Penny Wojahn.. says:

    WOW…..please have a safe trip!!!!! I am looking forward to all of your new work!! 😉

  6. ©SandyHansenPhotography says:

    WOW ….that is a long move! We would like to move to Idaho. Have safe trip!!

  7. Spring Noel says:

    Im going to miss having a photography buddy here in Michigan, but i wish you all the best in Nevada! Have a safe trip!!

  8. ajay77* says:

    Great travel and living adventure! So close to Sedona – nice:)

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