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http://2045.com/news/30293.html http://www.susanblackmore.co.uk/Articles/JCS03.htm “Consciousness in meme machines” Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10, 4-5…
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  1. ” I agree with most of what you say. But if you look at my original suggestion of memes, they were really almost a rhetorical device for telling people that in spite of what they’d just read about the selfish gene, DNA was not everything. Memes provided a way of saying, Look, genes aren’t the only self-replicating entities. Maybe ideas play that role. I’m not committed to memes as the explanation for human culture.” – Richard Dawkins –

  2. This society is constituted by a complex network of individual interaction, at the macro level, when viewed as a kind of order to form a culture, Blackmore hypothesis of this is very interesting.

  3. Process of social learning is different for different people, and be fully mimic the process of imitation can not say. Similarity of the idea, may be represented by another meme to support it. Therefore, the incidence of mutations in the evolution meme is high, mutations also occur within an individual, a new mutation occurs in the interaction with the mutation process.

  4. Meme imitation watch for an opportunity, education, and will be copied in any other way, to compete in the memory, to be copied again. Referred to as “complex” meme a meme of a group are copied at the same time continue to propagate. In the definition of her, of meme replication process is imitation. To mimic the model to mimic or select any model requires the capacity of the brain.

  5. Susan Blackmore in 2002, was assumed to be defined anew the meme meme things, go over is copied from person to person (for example, practice information, skills, song, and other story). In addition, she was assumed to be self-replicating meme is like a child of the gene. That is, the meme is information that is copied in various forms. Some of them will survive (or even of human culture) meme to evolve.

  6. “Find consciousness and put it in a machine Perhaps there is an “X”, or “extra ingredient”, that if we could give it to machines would ensure they were conscious (Chalmers 1995). McGinn calls the property that would explain consciousness C*, and asks whether it is possible in inorganic materials or not (McGinn 1999). Some theories of consciousness can be used to derive an “X” and so to suggest how it could be given to a machine.”

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