22 Most Bizarre Questions on Yahoo Answers

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18 Replies to “22 Most Bizarre Questions on Yahoo Answers”

  1. To all the stupid assfucks that wrote those questions: Get off my fucking planet you fucking oxygen waisters, your misserable lives should be ended as quickly as possible.

  2. My answers: 1. Why is spaghetti in your pants in the first place? ._. 2. Probably not since the Sun’s surface is over 5,700 degrees celsius. 3. If you gave birth to the child, then you are the actual mother. 4. That’s…. just…. gross…. 5. There’s gravity on the whole entire planet! 6. If skeletons weren’t real, everything that has a skeleton will be blobs, and won’t even live. 7. That’s your cat purring, their blood flow, or your cat is having seizures and you should take her to the vet immediately. 8. No! That’s just plain insane if that was an actual event. 9. Why would you think pigs would even have wings in the first place? 10. You’ll probably die, or you will go to the emergency room from poisoning. 11. You can’t! Once you bake a cake, it’s literally impossible to un-bake a cake! 12. Of course he would be alive today! 13. This question is just plain stupid…. of course there’s birds in Canada! 14. You have pooped out an ice cube, it’s solid water, it’ll actually form into pee. 15. It’s literally impossible to change your race! 16. Probably not…. and if there were, the papyrus would’ve either dissolved, or still hasn’t been uncovered yet. 17. No! And everybody was giving you a dirty look because they thought you were trying to hurt the puppy. 18. There isn’t space battles in space, and thunderstorms are caused by lightning. 19. It’s absolutely fine, your body produces more anyway. In barber shops, when they’re done cutting your hair they throw out the hair on the floor. 20. It’s fine, I’ve done that before actually. 21. Why would you even think it is gay? ._. 22. There isn’t even any spell in the world at all! 

  3. I am level 7. Before they changed limits thanks to trolls . I am men7al and i am in area of family and marriage and polls and surveys. I don’t Facebook so I use this like when bored lol!

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