23. Computational Complexity

MIT 6.006 Introduction to Algorithms, Fall 2011 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-006F11 Instructor: Erik Demaine License: Creative Commons BY-N…
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  1. Yuanbo WANG says:

    Very well explained, 100 times better than my prof

  2. Neueregel says:

    thanks for posting

  3. gnargnar head says:

    i have a statement written on my arm..

  4. vincer0208 says:

    so “nondeterministic” does not necessarily mean “stochastic”?

  5. GrayJeoris says:

    I want to know everything.

  6. Samuel Ferrer says:

    Thanks Erik … it was a refreshing lesson … but …. we don’t live in a 3-D world … actually the real world is not 3-D … having said that here is a problem I would like to know the complexity for: Given a vector space and a finite set of points I want know the “best” metric for the shortest path. “Best” = “takes the optimal resources for computation”. Imagine of course that the “real world” can be reduced to a vector space.

  7. Lord Andu says:

    I could watch Erik Demaine talking about math all day long. I don’t understand anything but it’s like music to my ears.

  8. lei doa says:

    nice lecture.  the stuff beond R is what Jesus can do amen

  9. MrNoBody114 says:

    ooookkeeyy…. i dont understand. BUT all this sound sooooo cool. i just wish i could understand something :(

  10. Neueregel says:

    the youngest MIT professor ever

  11. NoxuzBlog says:


  12. Edzega Zeto says:

    omg xD

  13. zzthiagoz says:


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