24 Hours in… New York City

The diversity, the energy, the attitude–all still available 24 hours a day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 thoughts on “24 Hours in… New York City

  1. I have been to New York City a few times and it has been a wonderful experience. The food there is unbelievably good if you eat at the famous hotels. If you guys are a night owl then New York City would be a lovely place to live in.

  2. Yeah don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the most amazing cities in the world to visit. But unless you are already rich, an actor/tress, lawyer or doctor etc. You’re going to be living in a small, extremely expensive apartment that’s not even worth the price. There is way too much competition. If you wish to move there, it’s your choice. I’m just advising that you don’t. I’d rather deal with a couple of idiots.

  3. i live about 4 hours from nyc in a small country town its cool to visit maybe even live there for a month but eventually the concrete jungle becomes overwhelming 

  4. haha well i live in New Jersey. People here are complete idiots. Anyway I’ve been applying to colleges in NYC. Is it really that bad? I’ve been there more times than I could ever remember and I love it. How different is it to live there?

  5. There is no capital of the world you donkey and if there was it would not be New york for sure since is not even the capital of the United States.New York is a interesting city but ugly as Fuck.

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