25 Amazing Images With An Electron Microscope

25 Amazing Images With An Electron Microscope

Tweet this video! – http://clicktotweet.com/YegWw We live in a world that is not only enormously big, but also infinitesimally small. Of course, unless you’r…

15 thoughts on “25 Amazing Images With An Electron Microscope

  1. these pictures are so cool it’s amazing how things look up fucking close and kinda funny how freaky they can be XD Butterfly “awwww look it’s so beautiful” Butterfly up close “O GAWD WTF!”

  2. Yes, the reason they look fake is because an electron microscope takes photos without color, so some people have added color to the photos to make them look similar to how our eyes perceive them. Granted it looks horrible but I’ve found other videos of actual micro-photos and they all have the same textures, but are black and white. Its interesting really, how microscopic organisms have such basic textures. Maybe its because since they are so small, they require less materials in their makeup?

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