25 Craziest Images On Google Street View

From a lone baby crawling in front of a Gucci store to a superhero sleeping on a park bench these are the 25 craziest images on Google Street View. https://t…

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23 Responses to 25 Craziest Images On Google Street View

  1. UPlayNetwork says:

    I was expecting the donkey in Botswana hit by Google street view car to be there, that one is crazy

  2. Crab Juice says:

    How about 47.110579, 9.227568? Search those coordinates and look at the sky.

  3. WhatsAPaladin says:

    Too many repeats of the same photos like this was rushed.

  4. UndefinedGamer says:

    360p still exists?

  5. the insight man says:

    What if I was the guy in the Wolverine mask? 

  6. Lyonzeh says:

    for a few days there were pictures of a man killing another man but then it was quickly removed when google noticed.

  7. KingJackass says:

    Ahh, drug busts. brings me back to my youth in the old neighborhood. Also, poor cow.

  8. cdukette465 says:

    is it me, or are a good hunk of these images in a desert?

  9. Mikael Soltaniha says:

    “Hmm.. well, there’s this dude that has been killed and put in the middle of the road.. let’s take pictures! :)” -Google

  10. Diane Greene says:

    I love this site! I wonder if the masks in the desert were on their way to burning man.

  11. denzal689 says:

    This list went by too fast… You could have gave us exact locations, or at the very least say what country it’s in…

  12. TQRNapart says:

    actually their is a picture of a dead body on google images from google maps :L

  13. codgod66 says:

    1:11 I live in that place, it’s called Gibraltar. They are called Barbary apes not monkeys and seeing them sitting on the wall in their natural habitat is nothing crazy.

  14. ZOMBIEAGLE12 says:

    These re just normal things, they all happen everyday on my street (im not serious)

  15. PaulieWaulie says:

    What accent does this guy have? It’s awesome. I’ve never heard anyone say “road” like him before!

  16. Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr. says:

    Lamest video you’ve done. You just repeated a bunch of mundane things. A guy with a gun. Another guy with a gun. A car off the road. Another car off the road. Here’s a monkey, here’s some more monkeys. Here’s a person. There’s a person. Here’s a drug bust. Aaaand another drug bust. Here’s a horse, here’s a cow, and here’s an alpaca… E-I-E-I-O. Wtf? Did you run out of ideas? 

  17. Joe Sheckells says:

    One time on Google Street View I saw a murder being committed

  18. David De Los Santos says:

    0:46 scared as hell

  19. jesse carter says:

    found a guy dragging a body in a lake on street view in the netherlands.

  20. RichardDoesYT says:

    A friend of me got his wedding on Google street view. He said he have it from 6 different angles :). 

  21. BARSCIENCE101 says:

    wow a guy carrying a stop sign. how crazy

  22. hawkeye pierce says:

    Is the cow okay?

  23. Heywood Jablowme says:

    #6 – Those aren’t Russian gangsters. Those are just Russians.

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