25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Finds On Google Earth

From capsized ships and stampeding elephants to wedding proposals and guitar shaped forests these are 25 of the most bizarre and unique finds on Google Earth…
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20 Responses to 25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Finds On Google Earth

  1. rudiger891 says:

    How is the biggest rock on earth either a bizarre or unique find on Google Earth?

  2. Gadet4800 says:

    You think Uluru is strange? You need to get out more. PS I’m not trying to insult you, it’s just that Uluru is actually found in Australia (you said like its misplaced) PPS its Uluru ’cause it’s owned by the true owners (aboriginals)

  3. blairtim1969 says:

    number 13 could be a bacardi rum add

  4. John Troy says:

    #14 aren’t lips, there vaginas

  5. Matt Deeley says:

    Google “Northumberlandia”

  6. Mrposse says:

    0:45 that is a jet graveyard and there is tons of jets over there i know because i drove by it a lot of times

  7. Rikeilan says:

    It is so nice that he talks on this videos and not just write texts.

  8. max010113 says:

    1:50 WTF? in what part of the planet can you zoom in so close and it being to HD on google earth? :O

  9. ۩ ͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩Fresh۩ ͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩ says:

    If you goto London on Google maps you see the London eye has duplicated 

  10. Tim Alban says:

    0:36 That’s not really unique. There’s many cars hanged on a wall here in Norway, Most are mini Coopers. :P

  11. Biken Maharjan says:

    3000 likers !! I thought, I should brag. LOL 

  12. BensDaMan says:

    wtf 360p ?!?!

  13. Kyle Wilson says:

    Lips or vagina…

  14. isaias dietz says:

    1:58 i once saw it when i was tracing back the ip of nsa.gov . the position of the website host was about 100 meters away from those weird-looking skyscrapers.

  15. Sameer Patil says:

    You must view this! 25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Finds On Google Earth. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwvIuZmxo #google #googleearth #earth

  16. Daniel Lebeau says:

    Wooooo Wales!!!!

  17. Jacksen Halfhill says:

    if you see 25 things that are blurred out on google maps it says Kernal sanders face is blurred but on 1:37 its not

  18. Billy Barker says:

    The KFC thing… on another video, they said that sanders face cant be shown without the blur because he was a real person… yet here, he is without the blur?

  19. Andy Lester says:

    That KFC one has goto b bullshit

  20. walter krop says:

    I see that car in the netherlands every day

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