[276] Hacking Google’s Cyber Tattoo, Weaponizing Anthropology, Unnatural Monogamy

[276] Hacking Google's Cyber Tattoo, Weaponizing Anthropology, Unnatural Monogamy

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin calls attention to a new Google patent for a digital neck tattoo, citing the benefits of the device but warn…
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23 thoughts on “[276] Hacking Google’s Cyber Tattoo, Weaponizing Anthropology, Unnatural Monogamy

  1. For you inmates out there, if capable of getting this word of what I am about to share with you, you can now reflect and know this, the enemy led you to where you are. There is no one on this planet sinless, without Jesus, we are all as filthy rags in God’s eyes. The Good News is you can still choose Jesus Christ, and become aware of the Truth of what happened to you, and to all of us, by the enemy of God. If you will believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Father WILL forgive you of ALL your past, present, and future sins. Jesus died for all of our sins, having been totally sinless Himself, and that He rose again 3 days after His death, putting away ALL those sins, and conquering death. If you will believe in Him, you will be saved. John 3:16, Romans 10:9. Just believe it, and it will be done. And as you begin reading His Word, know that there is only a SHORT time left on this earth for His Bride. YOU can be part of that, as Jesus is mighty to save you, His Grace super abounds. Repent means change you heart towards God. For whatever reason God had to remove His protection, He will also Restore it, if you will seek His Son Jesus with your heart. Stay strong in the Lord. May God bless all of you with the wisdom to make this choice now.

  2. Prison Industrial Complex is having its way with Our justice system The Tax Wall Street Party could be a force to go against the Tyranny,RT’s Corporcrats like the P.I.C. and if Abby was truly outraged about all of this we would’ve heard about The Tax Wall Street Party and yet not a peep, I notice she’s wearing her Baphomet necklace again while swathed in red.

  3. Wow this Ryan guy made a lot of false assumptions, historical inaccuracies, and claims with little evidence to support his theories. He falsely assumes monogamy stems from the passing of paternal wealth but monogamy predates the concept of “owning the land” and in many cultures women were treated well and were sometimes leaders. He also fails to factor in that women bare children naturally and it cause them to become dependent for a period of time and then, with child, an easy target. So monogamy would help protect them during this time and might of been encouraged by the women with SEX FOR NO REASON. Yup! The first “in house p****! It makes sense. Women gave it up and “owned” the man, food, and got a hunter, body guard, and shelter. Women usually have a more nurturing personality that harbors a need to care for life while men have the urge to mate and continue his paternal line. This is why men cheat more. But nature has it ways of balancing things out. Hence, the diversity in people, their personalities, and preferences no matter there gender. This Ryan guy is a bum. Wtf did you find him? Oh yea he wrote a book..

  4. Because it’s not Americanism. It’s Fascism. Where private-industry and government-control collaborate. (not to be confused with free-market capitalism — also not to be confused with communism, where government takes control of industry) Corporate takeover of our government only shows that the current regime is massively corrupt. (for about the last century) True Americanism is closer to Libertarianism or Classic-Liberalism (not to be confused with progressive-liberalism). It means all humans should be treated equal under the law, whether you’re an elected official, bureaucrat, or citizen. It means that all individuals have natural rights that no other individual, group of people, or government should have the right, or power, to take away -and some of which are recognized and mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not to be construed to be limited or enumerated (listed). The more you learn about real history, and the struggle of humanity with tyrannical overlords (that are just mere humans), and how humans excel in violence-free, unrestricted, nurturing environments. You’ll get it. Violence is learned. Like most dysfunctions, may start off like a butterfly flap and then morph into a hurricane; from a normal baby to a Hitler (stop child abuse – if you can’t nurture a child, don’t have one). (edit spelling)

  5. ☻/ What ya’ll need is to question less! I’m the first black president so just sit /▌ back and don’t stress / I promise next time I won’t deliver any lies, and I wont send more drones into the skies I’m better than the last guy he was a joke, there’s little to no doubt he smoked crack and snorted coke So that makes me better by default and your vote belongs to me, What treats & surprises do I have in store? well you’l just have to wait and see!

  6. Christopher Ryan is a joke. So where are the lines drawn with sexual promiscuity? Sexual promiscuity destroyes young womens selfisteem and cause depression, spread of diseases and on and on. So is it ok for sex trafficing? Is beastiality ok? Monogamy is not about a man owning a women it is about man and women belonging to each other and nobody else! It’s about love not a primitive knee jerk reaction to a pretty face. You know monkeys through poop at each other to should we all start doing that? Christopher Ryan wrote this load of shit so he could get young women to experiment with him. He is a creep. He is oozing with arrogance and just makes shit up out of thin air. Hey Chris your lucky im not a monkey because i would have to go alpha male on your pathetic sleeze ball ass.

  7. It is a peculiar numbers coincidence that U.S. consumes 25% of the world supply of River Styx, and also has 25% of the world’s prisoners despite only having about 4.5% of the world’s population.

  8. Abby in over 275 episodes BTS has done viewer feed back about 8 or 9 times.and you roughly spend 1 minute maybe 1 minute 30 seconds on the viewer feedback segment. If BTS is going spend on average 1 minute on the viewer feed back segment would it be possible to do the viewer feedback segment more often. since BTS is averaging viewer feedback every 31.5 episodes

  9. Now the indigenouse people know that there is no shit call Anthropology, is another way of spying indigenouse people, just to find a way to steal, cheat, invade, kill, massacre, hegemies, rape and rapp its natural reseources. Beggining we know there were no study or education shit call Anthropology, its another form of Euro West ideology to Invade non West nation, specially The dark nation or non Euro decendent people “manupulate other people” Anthropologies paid by “Pentoptican” (Pentogan) and “Intelegent Agencies”. Same as when Culumbus came to steal, kill and massacre Indigenous Native people. Its Power Knowledge and Representation

  10. christopher ryan on your show is ignorant and misrepresents islam since when did islam legalize prostitution? mutah marriage is illegal he could at least say some cults that claim islam think it’s part of the religion but it’s wrong for him to generalize and say that “in islam a man officially marries a prostitute”

  11. I’ll never understand how “human constructs” are a flaw. Human monogamy emerged naturally thousands of years ago, so I don’t even think it counts as a construct unless you’re the daft SJW type. It’s also likely one of the reasons we ever left the savannah in the first place. Without courtship and marriage requiring the expenditure of surplus labor we may never have built the wheel, or the pyramids, or the printing press, or trains, or jets, or space shuttles. Without our species’ unique courtship rituals and monogamous security allowing people to stop competing for sex and focus their energy on other things we’d probably still be lying around eating, sleeping, and screwing all of our closest relatives. But that’s what Hedonists want, isn’t it?

  12. Great time to talk about Mark and Olly (look them up on YouTube)! James Cameron did a nice take on the pattern of Anthropological Reconnoitering in Avatar. What more can be said? Great job, Abby!!

  13. Very packed episode! The individual is at the center of everything and should know what is suitable or not … Dr. Kinsey studies were post WWII and not mentioned Masters and Johnson studies were also conducted later in the 50s & 60s; incidentally both were precursors to the Women Liberation Movement etc… Using Sex as a tool therefore destroying the fundamental of Family Values. Was it intentional or not? Question mark! Human Beings don’t come close to the Bonobos in terms of promiscuity. It’s a conscious decision to be monogamous (Most birds are, same with wolves and some other mammals), besides the human body has a reverse process with in the endocrine hormonal secretion linked with ageing therefore negating any excess of libido. Religion is a reminder of what could go wrong! On that note: The Cosmos usually brings Order when there is Chaos…

  14. Lmao ppl who doesn’t have the money to pay for the new technology is angry and upset so they’re commenting bullshit … this is bob blah blah blah go get a job at McDonalds thats what you need to do …

  15. It is all about assimilating people from other countries into the US way of thinking… and it is pretty much like the Borg on Star Trek… resistance is futile… you will be assimilated or you will be murdered… period!!

  16. The axis of minority control from conception to the grave is 1. the war on drugs (is that eliminating the non-cooperating drug producers and distributors?), 2. drug gangs that infiltrate minority communities and draw persons into criminalized activities, 3. the criminal injustice system which has harsh sentences for drug trafficking and other non violent crimes, 4. social obstacles: poverty, poor health care, poorer education, lack of capital resources and good employment opportunities, debt and higher interest rates, liberal patronistic attitudes, Darwinism, inferior messaging, lack of personal responsibility and motives to succeed, culture of blame, conservative avoidance attitudes, isolation, cultural stereotypes, and abortion. Why did the freedom seeking European colonists import African slaves – what was their plan? Why does the US have an immigration policy which will render the European segment a minority in the near future – what is the plan? In the 19th and early 20th centuries imperial Darwinism had the positive outlook that Whites (especially the Teutonic branch) would take over and colonize the world (as they were superior to the rest) – and now it all seems in reverse: Western Europe is being colonized by its former colonies. I always wonder at the close symbiosis between Pride and Stupidity – the one protects and supports the other and vice versa. Where does this all lead? A change of mind, anyone?

  17. To the best of my knowledge the Afghan poppy fields have always been fought over for control. They say that this country produces most or all of the heroin today, that is simply not true, Latin America, controlled by the CIA has many poppy fields as well, so do many other places. This is about money and most secret government agency’s from around the world own and run or at least run these fields in order to carry out secret operations of their own.

  18. ‘Mark of the Beast’ witchy Abby ? lol why don’t you just wear a bigger Baphomet goat head round your neck.. Oh and for anyone whos still awake.. yes witchy Abby and guest Christopher Ryan ARE actually promoting the sexual “research” of infamous paedophile Alfred Kinsey- — “The-Kinsey-Syndrome-(Full-Length) – YouTube” not for the faint of heart

  19. Christopher Ryan is full of crap … yea lets determine our sexuality by how apes mate and cherry pick cultures to justify ones indiscretions. Abby, honestly would you want YOUR MAN, to just screw around? He is justifying getting laid without guilt. … Also where is the details on Googles mark of the Beast?

  20. How about instead of indefinite detention for continuous, repeat non violent offenders, we just deport their asses out of OUR country. If they can’t be suited to live in common society, why should they NOT be stripped of their Citizenship and deported? Save jail space and tax dollars. To cruel?

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