2NE1 members bare ‘ideal guy,’ sexy secrets – Yahoo Philippines

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18 thoughts on “2NE1 members bare ‘ideal guy,’ sexy secrets – Yahoo Philippines

  1. In 2013 Dara always says she wanted to be in a relationship in every show they’ve been, now when shes asked about it, shes like moving away from the mic likeall the way to Africa to avoid the question… fishy.

  2. Dara: 0:15 anyone who loves me CL: Theres so many people out there that loves you!! CL: 0:57 I want somebody thats like my friend, that could just like live happy together… and joke around. Did they just describe each other?? #Chaera 

  3. I’m glad CL was honest at the very end XD. Considering she’s chubbier than last year and Dara’s stomach doesn’t look as tone as it was on the AON opening night.

  4. this lil interview is awesome so cute to hear them speaking English…they sound really good…minzy is funny she just said USHER I LOVE HIM!!!LOL AZA AZA FIGHTING 2NE1 BLACKJACK FAN kayla U.S

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