3 Birds Marketing Experts Explain How to Maximize the Auto Dealerships Most Valuable Asset: The Customer Database

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

If a hailstorm was coming, most dealers and managers would take steps to protect their inventory from damage. If a vehicle on the dealership lot got splashed with mud, most dealers and managers would wash it to make sure their inventory showed well. Yet too many dealers and managers fail to protect or maximize their dealerships most valuable asset the customer database.

Dealers and managers spend money to increase website traffic and to buy leads, but often dont consider the cost of customers opting out of receiving communications from the dealership and dont fully tap into the potential value that lives in their database. This session combines the perspectives of two different disciplines technology and marketing to provide tips for understanding, measuring and maximizing the gold mine every dealership possesses.

Kristen Judd, president and co-founder of 3 Birds Marketing and Chad Smith, chief technology officer at 3 Birds Marketing, will illustrate the potential cost of exploiting or exhausting the dealerships database, explain the importance of benchmarking and understanding analytics, and provide actionable tips for maximizing customer data to sell and service more cars every month and retain more customers throughout the course of the customer-vehicle lifecycle. Kristin Judd and Chad Smith are sharing their expertise with dealers and managers.

What will dealers and managers learn and what action items will they take back to the dealership?

1. Learn how to understand the potential consequences of not using the dealerships database responsibly and respectfully.

2. Learn how to identify key dealership marketing and performance metrics to benchmark and measure against to evaluate the success of different marketing initiatives.

3. Learn actionable tips for better utilizing customer data to sell more cars and service each month.

Kristen Judd is the president and co-founder of 3 Birds Marketing, a content and data- driven integrated marketing software and solutions provider. Before founding 3 Birds, Judd spent 15 years working as a criminal defense and civil rights attorney in California, first at the law office of legendary defense attorney, J. Tony Serra, and then in her own firm. The communications skills, extensive research, results oriented approach and commitment to excellence Judd honed as a lawyer that enabled her to make compelling arguments on behalf of her clients and achieve outstanding results, have been carried over to the way work is done and clients are served at 3 Birds. Developing and using data to create relevant marketing messages and offers that maximize returns for clients fits squarely into Judds wheelhouse. She has presented at previous Digital Dealer Conferences, industry events and for large automobile dealership groups. She has earned praise from clients and industry insiders for her energy, creativity and the fresh ideas she brings to the industry. She is recognized as an emerging voice on digital marketing, customer retention, online reputation and reviews, and social media in the automotive space.

Chad Smith is the chief technology officer at 3 Birds Marketing. He brought more than a decade of successful global IT consulting and engineering experience with him when he joined the company in July 2010. Smiths approach to technology and software solutions is deeply rooted in data. He spent eight years with Acxiom as a developer, analyst, architect, and manager in the United States, Europe and Asia providing expertise in database solutions and developing customized technology applications for Fortune 1000 clients. Smith has applied his data expertise to customer marketing by working with customer relationship management technology to increase client revenue through data-driven digital marketing and direct mail campaigns. What does this all mean? He knows how to structure, capture, develop and leverage data to develop marketing applications and initiatives that save and make money for businesses and his enthusiasm about the power of data is positively infectious.

Kristen Judd and Chad Smith will be speaking to dealers and managers on how to maximize the dealerships most valuable asset: the customer database at the 13th Digital Dealer

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