3-Day Course: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

3-Day Course: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Event on 2013-03-29 08:00:00

Purpose of the course:
To teach students practical approaches for critical thinking that address today’s complex problems and situations.  Students will be exposed to the ideas of great thinkers such as Vinton Cerf, Steve Jobs, and Billie Bean who developed and applied patterns that re-organized entire industries.  In addition, this course covers critical thinking skills needed to understand collaboration and conflict in the cross-cultural contexts characteristic of today’s organizations.

Students will receive: 
a) Instruction: A variety of creative and analytic tools will be introduced.  Numerous examples of pitfalls and practical challenges will be discussed in class.
b) Course Notes: Each student will receive a set of course notes for reference. 
c) Practice: Students will have an opportunity to practice critical thinking skills in classroom exercises.

You should attend this course if you:
• Need a larger portfolio of tools for understanding and solving complex analysis and design problems
• Have a role in creating or analyzing systems formally or informally

The course is aimed at:
• Engineers of all Disciplines
• Managers
• Leaders who need critical thinking skills to address today’s problems


Attendance is limited to 24 people. 

A brochure describing this course may be found at:



Please contact  ScottWorkinger@gmail.com for further information.
(707) 632-5134

at Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, United States

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