3 Reasons Google, Inc Stock Could Rise

3 Reasons Google, Inc Stock Could Rise
The question going forward is whether Google can continue its strong run — its stock price is up over 4% from where it was just a few days prior to announcing earnings. Only time will tell, but there are several arrows in Google's quiver that bode …
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Google Announces Partnership With Newspapers In Europe
After years of arguments over how its Google News service handles content in Europe, Google is offering both money and cooperation to large publishers in several EU countries. Acknowledging past mistakes, a Google executive says, "We are a teenage …
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Microsoft has a new plan to capitalize on Apple and Google's success
Microsoft, which dominated the PC era with Windows, has seen its relevance fade as Google's Android and Apple's iOS have defined the mobile era. Now as Microsoft puts its muscle behind the new Windows 10 operating system, it also has a new approach …
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