30Below VIC Presents: Personal Branding

30Below VIC Presents: Personal Branding
Event on 2015-05-21 18:00:00
The most important brand that you will ever manage is the one you make for yourself.  Today's workforce is fiercer than ever, with hundreds of applications for a single position, many budding marketers are struggling to get noticed; let alone get their foot in the door.  30below VIC will be hosting a Personal Branding event, focusing on how to develop and manage your professional reputation, both online and in person.  Our talented speakers will share the experiences they've encountered throughout their careers, how to project your brand image physically and how to navigate through the hazardous world of social media whilst still letting your natural self shine through. Book your ticket now and let us help you get one step closer to landing that dream job. Places are limited and with drinks and pizza included are sure to sell fast, so be quick! Speakers Chris Karagounis – Managing Partner, ALEX KAAR With 17 years in the executive recruitment industry, Chris is no stranger to reading a person’s professional brand upon meeting them for the first time. He’s worked throughout the Asia Pacific region in a broad range of services stretching from Digital to Financial Services, Utilities to FMCG. Chris typically facilitates assignments involving the assessment and appointment of business leader roles including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Strategy and Marketing. He’ll share insights into how to sell yourself without saying a word, and ensuring you project the image you want to be remembered for. Stanley Johnson – Creative Director, MYOB In a career spanning over 20 years Stanley Johnson has held creative director roles in both London and Melbourne. He was involved in digital when it was still known as the information superhighway. Stanley is a former member of the ADMA Agency Council and was instrumental in the launch of the ADMA Mentor Scheme. He helped establish the ADMA Creative School in Melbourne and played a key role in establishing JUNIOR, a resource for aspiring young creative people. His work has been recognised internationally in Cannes, London, and New York as well as back home at ADMA and MADC. Trevor Young – Founder, Authority Partners Trevor is a keynote marketing speaker specialising in Social media, Content Marketing and Personal Branding. He currently helps companies, organisations and individuals build visibility, influence and trust through the development and execution of thought leadership marketing programs. Trevor is also a member of the Business Victoria Content Development Advisory Group, so it’s fair to say the man is experienced at pushing out messages in line with a desired brand message, be it personal or organisational. He will provide you with tips and tools on how to maximise your exposure online, why you should be posting from events you attend, and how to build a digital brand that aligns to your career.

at Campari House
23 – 35 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, Australia

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