30DC – Using Google Analytics

www.thirtydaychallenge.com A review of Google Analytics and why it is useful. Find out more about GuruBob here: www.gurubob.co
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14 Responses to 30DC – Using Google Analytics

  1. plzdeletemyacct says:

    hello; i need to delete my account but Google is not letting me. please help me delete my account. thankyou

  2. bibibarry says:

    Be Naughty with people near you benaughtyman.info

  3. skydragon4ever says:

    please tell me how do I put the analytics code into my WPD blog page or how do I put the unique code into WPD?

  4. skydragon4ever says:

    man how did you put your unique ID in WPD account / analytics plugin?

  5. NyseTraderNet says:

    Thanks a lot! Discovered realy interesting things about my blog!

  6. ZTaalibBey says:

    Wow! Thank you! I can hardlly wait to put this tool to use.

  7. eddale says:

    Thats it – your done

  8. Joyce Pondry says:

    I checked my Google analytic account it’s telling me my site is not verified. On a website we drop in codes for every page for google to track. In this case using WPD after we input the Google unique ID. What else must we do to start the tracking?

  9. VitalyMakarkin says:

    Great and useful video

  10. jk9945 says:

    Well explained gurubob

  11. NicholusGarcia says:

    This is going to be huge!  Thanks gurubob!

  12. Chance Chapman says:

    thanks gurubob. i’ve used this quite a bit since you posted this video.

  13. mrmrslose says:

    Gurubob is genious!

  14. pablomoussa says:

    Great! Hope there will be more on this during the actual challenge!

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