3238,97m Longest Headshot BF3 Worldwide 9 Ranking Today

3238,97m Longest Headshot BF3 Worldwide 9 Ranking Today

My Longest Headshot BF 3 Operation Firestrom [S] Sniper- Only.com Join our server: [S] Sniper Only !!NEW RULES: WWW.SNIPER-ONLY.COM Big Thanks to PZY for Editing
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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18 Responses to 3238,97m Longest Headshot BF3 Worldwide 9 Ranking Today

  1. GamingRangeXtra says:

    check out my channel, got loads more videos coming up, be sure to like and subscribe :)

  2. WTFMAN9700 says:

    rigged but so cool anyway

  3. TheMrprosyndicate says:

    A call of duty barret noise?

  4. kmain5587 says:

    I think thats probably the best argument to the whole BF VS MW battle.

  5. RedhotIta1 says:

    lol BF3 and cods are different games… u need completly different skill, CoD4 is a game where YOU have to win. BF3 it’s the TEAM have to win. Different minds…

  6. Mr412Shawty says:

    I just noticed he isnt playing a real game …aww man fuck him

  7. Kempotron says:

    Mine 850 in real game

  8. xEsYiii says:

    Thats no Fake. Watch Battlelog.

  9. DrDoDavid says:

    h t t p : / / w w w.m e d i a f i r e . c o m / download .php?nseckmz1ai5o3op Virus protection download. So you can actually search for stuff XD

  10. DejanAugsburg says:

    hell yeah a german bitchääääs 

  11. TheTichoun says:

    A BIT more skill?Just A BIT?!

  12. TheTichoun says:

    Go fuck yourself.If that shit was true I would’ve died 5 years ago.

  13. LLUXTE says:

    Woww!!! I tried so hard to find some sniper who sniping on long distance!!!…I just found a few players! My actually long shot is from 1,392.3m on this map!.. With my favorite rifle the M40A5…well it’s make me feel more like a pro, than the M98B XD a apologize for my english XD

  14. 233AK says:

    mine 999.09 WTF

  15. vonroden says:

    my longest HS is only 870~ meter with a AK74 :(

  16. snooptron says:

    stop hating 

  17. 11jkhw says:

    I know right? We don’t even have to compensate for that in real life

  18. daniel33781 says:

    stupid halo boy , retard

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