3D Game Programming – Episode 30 – Colour Processing In-Depth

Episode 29: www.youtube.com Welcome to a series of videos where we will create a 3D game (probably a first person shooter) from scratch, using just the included libraries in Java 1.6. If you have any questions or problems, leave a comment or send me a message, or tweet at me. In this tutorial: – How to use bitwise operators with colour – How to use colour for collision detection Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com Livestream: www.twitch.tv
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14 Responses to 3D Game Programming – Episode 30 – Colour Processing In-Depth

  1. TheViolinCalamity says:

    I understand running with arguments, but you would write that as String[] args, not String args[] :)

  2. DarkExecuter333 says:

    You can give your program certain properties. These are put into the array args. Then you can examine the args and use the values of them in your running program. They are like “start configurations”, in this case you could use them for e.g. the size of the screen set by default.

  3. Nick Panayotakos says:


  4. TheSweededcentral says:

    Hey can you help me! I’m on the drawing pixels episode BUT I HAVE NO PIXELS

  5. CluesChannel says:


  6. The Zigec says:

    I don’s know how i accidentely pressed this video after watching all 2D game development series. BUT, this was the most and instructive video i ever watched. Why? I think that this is the stuff that i would need at the start of game development, geting a rough idea about minigames, small stuff ect. After watching this 1 video i can make my own minigame. But after watching all 18 of game dev. i cannot do much. Thanks again and i am glad i saw this video. :)

  7. inashadowx says:

    You are really good at these videos (also I caught the 5 zeros as you typed em) :) Also realized there is a whole new level to coding which you represent (elite level).

  8. McSmYtHuRs says:

    i think that people who are doing educational videos should, almost instantly get a youtube partnership. thumbs up if you agree… or not…im not a thumb whore.

  9. jaredjeya says:


  10. casvanmarcel says:

    I’ve learned more from your tutorials than I have from anywhere else

  11. casvanmarcel says:

    Great stuff bro! Keep up the good job!!

  12. TheViolinCalamity says:

    Ouch, spent two to three hours searching my code for an error that wasn’t there. Even when I clicked in the window it wasn’t detecting keypresses, so I requested focus in the run loop and now it works. Sometimes things seem to work for other peeps but not me :/ But if anyone else is having the same problem I hope it helps. Great tuts btw, keep it :)

  13. zambranoher says:

    Hi Cherno, u r the best, kind of tutorials you made, just keep on bro, people like me who wants to learn needs you to make it. i´m hopely you make new videos soon. thanks for your work you rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. TheViolinCalamity says:

    I don’t think they are. String[] args is an array of strings called args. I don’t know what String args[] is but maybe a String called args[] ?

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