3D Medical Animation – What is Cancer?

“What is Cancer?” is a 3D Animation which depicts the growth of a tumor. (music by: Bjorn Lynne – Blissful Moments, courtesy of www.Shockwave-Sound.com)
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15 thoughts on “3D Medical Animation – What is Cancer?

  1. I need to remind myself not to look at the comments on these videos, they’re filled with the absolute dumbest words I have ever seen put together in the same sentence.

  2. The US Government has always tried to make the cures for cancer ilegal, if people don’t have cancer then the farmaceutic companies can’t make any money /watch?v=gWLrfNJICeM

  3. There are lots of cures that permanently cures cancer. You americans never asked yourself why is it that you people have the largest budget in the world for “treating” cancer, yet you have the largest cancer rate in the world. Its because the so called treatments give you cancer, radiation treatment and chemotherapy dose not cure it it only makes it worse. The farmaceutic companys make tens of billions $ per year whit they’re fake medicine /watch?v=2BH9XTxb290 /watch?v=iWrJ5SLKUPk

  4. death of t.v watching death of news death of bullshit  death of lies death of hating  death of rapes death of homsexuality death of sickness

  5. Interested. In my childhood I was kinda obsessed with immortality. I thought, what will happen if cells stop from dieing and continue to multiply, that should definitely make us immortal, if only there was a way.. Nope, that’s what cancer is. 😀

  6. If you do not spend atleast 20 minutes in sunlight every day you may become deficient in vitaminD & may develop some form of cancer eventualy.

  7. You are right in some way but this is less of our problems. Humanity will find a way to deal with our problems even if many will vanish. I know the biggest one but i will end here… The main this is… we will not catch those days 🙂

  8. you have no idea how cancer gets you. the most basic explication is… Cancer = BIG GAMBLE. By genes or not anyone is part of it, and many of us can’t escape this “big gamble”. So u better hope u never get it!

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