3D Technology Allows New York Orthopedic Surgeons Better Control Over Surgical Tools

Mt. Kisco, New York (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Using new 3D modeling technology, New York orthopedic surgeons are now able to simulate knee replacement surgery on a patient and custom-order surgical instruments to better assist during surgery.

By uploading a patients magnetic resonance images, or MRIs, to a computer program, orthopedic surgeons can create a 3D illustration of the knee and simulate placement of the implants weeks ahead of the actual surgery date. Using the simulation, the surgeon can take into account the unique aspects of each patients case. He or she then sends an approved pre-operative plan to the surgical tool manufacturer, who uses it to design and create pin placement guides to meet the patients exact specifications.

Director of Quality and Outcomes at the Orthopedic and Spine Institute at Northern Westchester Hospital Dr. David Yasgur is excited about the opportunities the new technology offers.

You have tremendous control in fitting the implant to meet each patients unique needshow much cartilage is left in the joint, for example, or how a previous trauma like a fracture will alter wear and tear, he said. Essentially, all the decision-making and fitting that would happen during surgery can be done on a computer four to six weeks ahead of time.

Using the prefabricated tools, which serve as intraoperative guides, knee replacements have the potential to be much less painful and more sustainable for patients today. The patient also spends less time on the operating table about 15 to 20 minutes less which has its own benefits, including a lower risk of infections, bleeding, and other complications during surgery. The patients recovery time is faster as well.

During surgery, we needed to have a large variety of instruments out and available for making adjustments to the size and alignment of the implantsall while the patient was undergoing the procedure. This wasted time and placed additional stress on the patients, said Dr. Yasgur, who has a background in healthcare technology development. Before medical school, he helped design and develop prostheses for total joint replacement surgery.

To learn more about the innovative orthopedic technology being implemented at Northern Westchester Hospital, visit Northern Westchester Hospitals Orthopedic and Spine Institute website.


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About Dr. David J. Yasgur

Director, Quality and Outcomes, Orthopedic and Spine Institute

Dr. David Yasgur earned his BS and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. Dr. Yasgur finished his residency at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and completed his fellowship training for knee reconstruction and sports medicine at the Insall-Scott-Kelly Institute of Beth Israel Medical Center-North. Prior to completing his medical training, Dr. Yasgur worked as an Orthopedic Engineer at the Hospital for Special Surgery where he designed and developed artificial joints for knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist replacement surgery. Westchester Magazine named Dr. Yasgur a Top Doctor in 2010 and again in 2011 and Westchester Wag Magazine has named him a Most Distinguished Doctor from 2007 through 2011.

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