3D Ultra Late Halloween Costume Party, Gary Wilson, Jan Terri, ZZZ’s, childproof, Aquadora, //LARON + JANIER//

3D Ultra Late Halloween Costume Party, Gary Wilson, Jan Terri, ZZZ’s, childproof, Aquadora, //LARON + JANIER//
Event on 2012-11-17 21:00:00

3D Ultra Late Halloween Costume Party


Gary Wilson

The enigmatic Gary Wilson emerged from New York's DIY movement with 1977's proto-New Wave masterpiece You Think You Really Know Me, an extraordinary record which has been known to suck unprepared new listeners in like a drug and never let go. Shortly after its limited release its creator simply vanished. In the 25-year wake before he was found again, Gary's small-town opus had spread by word-of-mouth and indie radio to inspire a whole new generation of musicians and producers with his bizarre songs and personal musical vision. His cult following includes (not only you and all your friends, but) Beck, who shouts him out in "Where It's At (Two Turntables And A Microphone)", The Roots' ?uestlove, Simpsons creator Matt Goening, and of course, Stones Throws Peanut Butter Wolf (who championed his own Stones Throw release, the infectious spacial-funk that is the 'Mary Had Brown Hair' album). The re-release You Think You Really Know Me in 2002 won him accolades in The New York Times and culminated in select sold-out shows in New York and Los Angeles. Gary Wilson has continued making music in the years following his "disappearance." His music continues to chronicle his obsessions and angst that his followers would expect from him. His songs have been compared to everything from Prince to Talking Heads bursting with electro-funk, synth rock, lounge, soul, and avant-garde jazz. A longtime in the making, the incredible documentary, "You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story" – the new DVD/CD released from Plexifilm in '08 is well worth the wait and deserves shelve space next to your copies of 'The Last Waltz', 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston', and 'We Jam Econo'.

Jan Terri

Jan Terri is an American musician from Chicago, Illinois. Terri graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 1983 with a degree in broadcast communications and arts and entertainment management and worked as a limousine driver from 1988 to 2002. Rock musician Marilyn Manson had Terri perform at one of his parties, and Terri had opened for some of his concerts. Some footage of her can be viewed in Manson's God is in the TV collection. In 2000, Terri appeared on The Daily Show. Terri took a hiatus from recording in 2000 to care for her mother. In December of 2011 Terri released her first single in over a decade, with an accompanying video titled "Excuse My Christmas". The single appears on the forthcoming album "Wild One".


YOUKAKU,YUKARY,LYN were member of ex. Hystoic Vein. Hystoic Vein was disband at October 2011. ZZZ's have just started.


Like the poison sugar-cube, childproof is an odd blend of self-conscious weirdness and sincerity that combines slices of New Wave and, "Roy Orbison re-imagined by David Lynch," with deceptively satirical lyrics that conjure up vivid musical pictures of post-ironic America imagined by a 90's kid remembering the 80's too well, and the 70's via Nick At Nite. Playing in styles ranging from progressive garage-rock (a la Pere Ubu) to crooner/lounge doo-wop, 'deranged carnival music', and noise art-pop, childproof's music is improbably coherent considering its consistently mutating style. Live shows feature spectacles such as a, "Red velvet cake-alien autopsy by my drag-queen with fondant, that both delighted and terrified a grandmother," and, "Dressing in drag as my ex-girlfriend, but only on one side of my face." In 2012 childproof morphed into a primarily electro noise-pop threesome, "That blends synthetic and live elements to suggest a wistful robot," that merges live band spontaneity with DJ set dancability, "Who is programmed to party."


Aquadora is currently an experimental rock bzuitar (baritone heavily modified guitar)/drums/vocal project based in Brooklyn NY.

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