3dcart’s eCommerce Merchant Webinars Help to Increase Online Conversions

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

When 3dCart eCommerce store owner Angela Halloran wanted to know how she could make her website better, she started to do research and discovered 3dcart’s eCommerce Merchant Webinars at 3dcart Events. Using information she learned from the 3dcart Webinar Series, and after careful thought, she went directly to the people who matter the most for the answers, her customers. Since then, her shopping cart abandonment rate when down and her order count went up.

3cart’s ongoing SEO webinar’s helped me realize that listening to customers is very important, Angela from says. We found we had a good amount of uncompleted orders and wanted to find out why. She formed a focus group and invited a group of customers to review her site and provide feedback on how she could better improve the shopping experience. We determined that we needed to make it easier for people to find the product they were looking for.

Finding the time to make the changes her customers wanted took time, but Angela knew making her site easier to navigate was important enough for her to clear time in her schedule to get it done. Like all small business owners, Angela wears many hats running her techie/home d

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