3ds Max Tutorial – Robot 1

In this first section (and currently the only section) Cris, the kindliest tutorial author in the world shows how to create a basic shape of a mechanical stompy war machine with legs that in the real world would collapse in about 3 seconds using some random picture he found on the word wide interweb. The model is roughed in under 50 minutes and in the next part (if you THE PUBLIK want another part) mechanical planning and detailing is added. Like the video, love the video, subscribe to the video. Throw the god damn video and your computer at granny. We dont care. Recorded using the wrong mic and with lots of coughing that forces your ear drums out of your nose. www.3d-palace.com for more information and pictures of your Granny.

25 thoughts on “3ds Max Tutorial – Robot 1

  1. Just discovered 3D Palace – really great tutorial – first one I’ve ever seen that actually approaches demonstrating an actual workflow, complete with mistakes (like mine) and HOW TO FIX THEM. Also watched your masterclass on Autodesk University. I will be watching these for a while before jumping back there, thank you. Only suggestion is please announce what you are about to do rather than doing it and then announcing it. Spent a large amount of time rewinding to find out where your mouse went.

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