3OYS reveals wiring scam involving Google Wallet

3OYS reveals wiring scam involving Google Wallet
Roberts agreed and says Google Wallet later emailed her with an invoice and told her to wire them $ 2,600 to hold for the purchase of the truck. Roberts went to a Fry's and, using the Western Union inside, tried to wire the money. The employees at the …
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Why Google Android software is not as free or open-source as you may think
While the basic Android software is indeed available for free, and can be downloaded, compiled and changed by anyone, it doesn't include the apps that make up Google's mobile services – such as Maps, Gmail, and crucially Google Play, which allows …
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Google Makes Selling Ads Easier For Small Publishers
Those playing the ad game within the Google Google universe are very familiar with Google AdSense and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). As a refresher, AdSense automatically fills unsold ad space inventory for quick and easy monetization, while DFP …
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