4 Can't-Miss Mobile Marketing Best Practices

4 Can't-Miss Mobile Marketing Best Practices
For many brands, mobile marketing remains somewhat vague and difficult to contain in the same way as traditional marketing. Here are a few best practices to help your business launch an exciting, innovative and successful mobile marketing campaign.
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Deion Sanders joining FOCUS Academies as chief marketing officer and head
Furthermore, his exceptional ability to connect with multi-generational groups, foster relationships within the community and abroad as well as market brand-celebrity partnerships is an asset to our organization” said Leroy McClure, Jr., FOCUS …
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Oracle brings the real world's data to its Marketing Cloud
Oracle's new ID Graph for its Marketing Cloud, announced yesterday, is helping to bring in the offline data from its recent Datalogix purchase. The goal is to come closer to solving the digital marketer's dilemma of identifying the same, anonymous user …
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